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Find Your Family – Memories on FamilySearch


The “memories” section of the FamilySearch.org website is a free and convenient place for registered users to add linked photos, stories, documents and audio files to the individual ancestors and relatives in the FamilySearch Family Tree. Preserve your photos, stories, documents and audio files through the “memories” section on the Family Tree and make them available for future generations and all of your family members today. 

FamilySearch.org updated the “memories” section to add the Memories Gallery in 2016. The gallery consolidates all the different file formats into one consolidated place. When you first view the Memories Gallery, before you have uploaded any content, the page will be blank. As you add your memories, they will appear on this page. When you tag someone in a photo (a deceased ancestor or other relatives) it will be visible to everyone who uses the Family Tree regardless of whether or not they are registered with FamilySearch. All of the tagged files that are uploaded to the section are also searchable by Google. This is a wonderful benefit and you will be surprised when a family photo you are looking for appears.

Adding items to the “memories” section is done very simply by dragging and dropping a file. Just pull it into the area opened when you click on the plus sign near the top of the page. There is a row of icons across the top of the page that filter the view to show only the specific type of file selected.  You can choose from 1) show all of the files, 2) the photos, 3) the documents, 4) the stories, or 5) the audio files. In each case the icon selections will only show the files you have personally uploaded when you are signed in as a user.

When you upload a file of any type to the FamilySearch website, you are agreeing to all of the website’s terms and conditions and the FamilySearch Content Submission Agreement. The main thing that users need to know is when content is uploaded or entered into the website, the content is subject to an absolute and permanent license, giving FamilySearch total control over the content. This allows you to share pictures with others and for you to view and use pictures from others who are sharing their photos and documents, too. If you wish to retain control over the content (photo, document, story, audio file) or do not personally own the content, then you probably won’t want to upload it to the website.

Have a great time uploading your family photos, stories and memories that you want share with others via the FamilySearch Family Tree website. It’s a great time to share family history memories!

Holly T. Hansen is the owner of Family History Expos and answers many of the questions submitted to Ask-the-Pros Q & A. Family History Expos sponsors online classes and live events where you can learn in-depth research skills from the experts. Family History Expos offers numerous products, books, video classes and research events for personal and in-depth learning. Check their offerings online at www.FamilyHistoryExpos.com. Holly can be contacted by email at holly@fhexpos.com.


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