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‘13 Morgan County Fair

Article Date: 
26 July, 2013 (All day)

Last minute preparations are being made by the fair board and last minute practices are being put in by rodeo queens and cowboys as the county prepares for the fair.  
The main events this year are Monday, July 29, Fair Royalty contest and Junior Rodeo; July 30 Wrangler Contest and Open Horse Show; July 31 ATV Rodeo; Aug. 1 Demolition Derby; Aug. 2 and 3 rodeo.  
Gates will open approximately an hour and a half prior to each event.  No blankets or saving seats before this time is permitted.  Once the gates are opened, blankets will be permitted with at least one person occupying it.  Ten minutes prior to the event starting, empty spaces are considered fair game and anyone present can take a seat, moving blankets if necessary.  
The Demolition Derby has been a long-time favorite in the county.  As the sun sets and the spotlights hit the arena, men get the excitement of playing cars like they are little again.  Many individuals in the crowd wishing they could be part of the action.  This year one lucky raffle participant will win a car and registration for the derby.   The raffle will help fund the prize money for the winner of the derby.  Tickets are $20 each and can be purchased at the concert in the park Saturday, July 27, at 7 p.m., the Junior Rodeo, the ATV rodeo or at Morgan Valley Polaris.  The winner will be announced at the ATV rodeo, but participants do not need to be present to win.  Participants do, however, need to be 16 or older.  Teens under 18 need a parent signature to purchase a ticket.  
As in the past, this year the fair board has prided itself on making the fair affordable for families and individuals to enjoy.  There are many activities and entertainment that are completely free.  The activities that do cost are kept at a minimum to ensure everyone can enjoy coming together at the fair.  Children and adults are encouraged to enter items in the fair on Monday, July 29, between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. Premiums are paid for qualifying entries and this is a good way for kids to earn their own fair money.
Free activities include past favorites as well as some new additions including a Trade-up Contest, Photo Scavenger Hunt Contest and Straw Challenge.  There are amazing prizes for these free activities including android tablets for several of the contests.
The Kid’s Games will be held on Friday and Saturday from 10 a.m. to noon each day.   This year the games are going to be bigger than ever.  Organizer Kim Turner says it will be more like a carnival.  Besides playing fun games for free, children 0-12 will win tickets to turn in for awesome prizes.  
After being over the Fair Activities for 12 years, Kim Turner has decided to turn it over to someone else.  Her children—Easton, 13, and Addie, age 8—have been involved in the fair their entire lives.  She and her children will miss trying out and working on projects and organizing events for the community to enjoy.  Kim and her husband Eric will be taking over as the Livestock Chair beginning next year.                   
Kris Krammer loves to see a busy crowded fair.  Her favorite part of the whole experience is seeing people have a good time.  She says that’s why she and the rest of the fair board dedicate themselves to the annual event.  
After working her full-time job, Krammer says she puts in more hours at this volunteer position.  Each year she takes a full week of vacation from her “paying job.”   Krammer laughs as she says “paying job,” noting the fair board is like another full-time job she doesn’t get paid to do.  She also takes days off sporadically starting in January to make sure everything is done for the fair.  
While this is more than most could ever commit to doing once, Krammer has overseen the fair for the last four years.  She has the attitude that “somebody has to do it.”   Everyone who loves the Morgan County Fair is grateful for her leadership and the work of everyone who joins her to pull together an amazing fair, year after year.  This year, area residents can really appreciate their continued dedication after the 4th of July events were drastically reduced because of lack of volunteers.  
In order to continually add and grow the fair each year, it takes many volunteers.  One area of the fair that specifically needs more volunteers this year is at the kids games.  This fun event requires no preparation; volunteers just need to show up and help run the games.  It only requires a two-hour commitment and the happiness it gives to the kids just might be contagious.  To volunteer on Friday or Saturday from 10 a.m.  to noon, contact Carrie Lane at (801) 821-0784.
The fair board appreciates positive feedback and suggestions.  Even more, they appreciate people who step up and volunteer where they see a need.
For more information on anything fair related, check the fair books that have been distributed throughout the community.  
The 2013 Fair Board consists of Kris Krammer, Kris-E Snyder, Megan Wilkinson, Mynon Deru, Dave Henry, Kim Turner, Amanda Christensen, Sandey Johansen, Cindee Mikesell and Rodney Haslam.  Morgan County appreciates all of the work and time this dedicated group has put in to give our community an event to keep us together and to carry on one of our best traditions.