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2014 Sterling Scholars - Elizabeth Stauder—Science Sterling Scholar

Article Date: 
18 April, 2014 (All day)

Elizabeth Stauder is the daughter of John and Tracy Stauder. 
I have always been interested in science ever since I was a little girl. I always wondered questions such as “how does that work?” and “why does that happen?” Science classes have always been the most interesting to me and I have taken advantage of enrolling in almost every science course offered at Morgan High School. 
Being a Sterling Scholar means that I have to be a good example to others in the school and community. I looked up to previous Sterling Scholars and I used them as my role models, so this year it has been my turn to be the good example and lead others in their high school career. I knew that I wanted to be the science Sterling Scholar since freshman year. I knew that if I worked hard enough in my classes and participated in science activities as well as community service projects, I would have a good chance of becoming the science Sterling Scholar. 
Since being selected as a Sterling Scholar, I have been involved in Arizona State University’s research pilot called “What’s on Your Plate.” In this program I was able to teach a class of middle school students the basic science principles relating to food as well as perform experiments with them. This was a great opportunity to teach students science and I would not have been involved with it had I not been the science Sterling Scholar. 
To potential Sterling Scholars I would give the advice that it is never too early to get involved. Take advantage of every service opportunity that comes along (and be sure to take pictures for the portfolio!) 
Some of my hobbies and interests include playing soccer, running half marathons, snowboarding and hiking. I love to be outdoors and I am very adventurous. This summer I am going to start school at the University of Utah, where I will be part of the ACCESS Program for women in the field of science and mathematics. In this program, I will take science and math courses throughout the summer and then next spring I will be placed in a research position of my choice. 
Starting in the fall at the University of Utah I will be enrolled in the Honors College and I will be pursuing the major of biomedical engineering. 
With this major I plan to engineer new medical technology as well as be involved in medical research that will help better the lives of others.