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Alternative for future freeway interchange proposed

Article Date: 
21 June, 2013 (All day)

A landowner adjacent to the proposed Mountain Green Village project has offered an alternative route for a future interstate exchange on his property.
Morgan County Councilwoman Tina Kelley said the Baxters submitted an offer in writing with the Morgan County Planning Department to have a right of way on his property.
Kelley said several of her constituents are concerned about preserving a right of way for a potential freeway exchange in the area.  As such, Kelley asked county staff to include the price of the right of way in the development agreement with the Mountain Green Village PUD.  
Years ago, developer Duane Johnson offered to donate the property for the exchange but has since withdrawn the offer.  Instead, the right of way would be preserved for three years in the chances the county could purchase it or the state use it in that time, as detailed in the development agreement.  If the county or state fails to do so, the developer would be allowed to develop the land as he saw fit.
Charlie Ewert, Morgan County’s planning and development services director, suggested the council update the county general plan and master streets plan to show alignment of the interchange on the Baxter property.
“It is the most optimal way to effectively and legally exact that in the future,” Ewert said.  “UDOT is required to some degree to help us comply with our own plans.”
“If it were on our updated plan maps, it would show UDOT we are serious,” Kelley said.