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Another glorious victory as The Trojans Smash the Bears!

Article Date: 
7 October, 2011 (All day)


The Morgan Trojans varsity football team basked in their big victory against their biggest rivals The Bear River Bears. It was a very intense game with a lot of stir from both sides, the Morgan Trojans pulled off an amazing win with two touch downs in the last minute of the game. Our boys bring home another win from Bear River showing their dominance. 

What would our team be without our awesome linemen? They are the ones who take most of the heat protecting the quarterback and keeping the opposing team off of our turf. Our linemen are, Landon Carter, Josh Nelson, Thomas Erickson, Kyle Stapeley, Bryce Fearing, Jake Cannon, Ethan Hipwell, and Colton Cowan. Our Tight ends are Boston Saunders, Gabe Davis, Stephen Dredge, Garrett Kuns, Cameron Skinner, Josh Duncan, Cameron Arnold, Travis Carter and Zach Kane, defensive line men include Davey Glover and Talite (JR) Funua. Without these amazing boys, we would not have a real football game not even a team!!!! 

 This week’s score came to a 48-12 kicking the Bears to their own curb! 

  The Trojans have been doing a great job this year, and worked together as a team in beating the Bears.