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Board members shy away from CDA proposal

Article Date: 
23 November, 2012 (All day)

Since developer Rulon Gardner presented his plans for a community development agency, or CDA, to the Morgan County Council, Morgan County School Board members have been receiving irate calls.
Gardner plans to construct a 22-lot development at an old Mountain Green gravel pit.  He would like to sue tax increments to fund construction of a reservoir, which would act as a secondary water storage facility for the community including Mountain Green Elementary.  
While board members could see the benefit to secondary water users in the area, many shied away from the idea of giving up tax money to help a developer.
“It is going to end up guaranteeing him his loan and costing the school district,” Durrant said.
Board member Bruce Galbraith agreed.
The water feature would be a private amenity for the North Side Creek subdivision.  
The developer procured final plat approval for the development years ago, but hasn’t constructed any homes there.  Gardner said he plans to amend the plat to include the water feature and a club house, swimming pool, and tennis courts.
As the taxing entities in the area, both the county and school board are part of negotiations to form the CDA. Gardner said his next step is to hire consultants that can show the county and school board the numbers of how it would benefit them in the long run.  
The county would have to set up a CDA project area before the proposal could proceed.