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Bowling News for January 20, 2012

Article Date: 
20 January, 2012 (All day)

JUNIORS Our high scores for our Junior bowlers this week go to Braxton Edson 93, Clayton Sanders 112, Carter Sanders 81, Wyatt Matthews 86, Garrett Matthews 137, Sheridan Bird 105, Riley Bird 123, Josie Hunt 128, Nate Chappell 111, Kaytlyn Comer 110, and Preston Butikofer 121. Great bowling kids!

WEDNESDAY NIGHT OWLS Our team standings for this week are in 1st place is Parkside Lanes and team members are Crystal Monzella, Susan Skeen, Bill Skeen, and Craig Mahoskey. In 2nd place is Shooters and team members are Mike Shope, Teresa Shope, Ruth Preece, and Dave Preece. In 3rd place is Stroke 3 and team members are Pat Scoville, Dennis Vernon, Jo Peterson, and Chad Hayes.  Our high scores and series for this week go to Misty Spendlove 154, Crystal Monzella 243 and a 594 series, Bill Skeen 190 and a 543 series, Craig Mahoskey 235 and a 667 series, Cathy Friery 175, Mike Shope 179 and a 502 series, Teresa Shope 153, Ruth Preece 156, Pat Olsen 171 and a 490 series, Pat Bird 153, adn Kelly Taylor 209 and a 594 series. Great bowling!

HIGH SCHOOL BOWLING TEAM Our Morgan High School bowling team had some great scores this week. high games go to Dalton Bigler 140, Shelby Sommers 132, Taba Gonzalez, Garrett Smith 146, Hayden Hopkin 174, Kami Standing 128, and Keaton Bryant. Great bowling team!

MONDAY MORNING LADIES We would first like to start by welcoming our new bowler Kirsten Hendry to our league.  Our team standing for this week are in 1st place is Eagle Rock Construction and team members are Pat Olsen, Berniece Warner, Margaret Boman and Lynette Bosworth. In 2nd place is Kennys and team members are Amy Lopez, Barbara Roemmich, Kelly Christiansen, and Leeann Rudd. In 3rd place is Morgan Drug and team members are Jane Casper, Cathy Friery, Kirsten Hendry, and Pat Bird. Our high scores and series for this week go to Jane Casper 172 and a 468 series, Cathy Friery 164 and a 451 series, Pat Bird 168 and a 466 series, Amy Lopez 172 and a 466 series, Kelly Christiansen 155, Leeann Rudd 192 and a 473 series, Pat Olsen 175 and a 495 series, Berniece Warner 156, Lynette Bosworth 205 and a 526 series, Lisa O’Brien 163 and a 487 series, Cindy Matthews 177 and a 479 series, Gloria Marcellin 204 and a 540 series, Judy Judd 163, Cleone Hortin 163, Cathie Layton 160 and a 458 series, Shawna Froerer 186, Pauline Maxwell 180 and a 507 series, Lavaun Vernon 154, Becky Wilde 164, Susan Crandall 179 and a 512 series, and Misty Spendlove 165. Great bowling Ladies

TUESDAY MORNING HOUSEWIVES Our team standing for this week on our Tuesday Morning Housewives bowling league are in 1st place is Kirsty alleys and team members are Amanda Campbell, Trina Pentz, Jill Melle, and Misty Spendlove. In 2nd place is Gutter Minds and team members are Stacey Buchanan, Judy Carter, Candice Johnson and Carole Townsend. In 3rd place is 60 Chics and team members are Janet Bell, Cheryl Skidmore, Janice Neilsen, and Melva Minster. Our high scores and series for this wek go to Nichole Slate 188 and a 479 series, Wendy Winn 188 and a 462 series, Judy Carter 153, Carole Townsend 155, April Matthews 166, Linda Clompton 161, Janice Neilsen 166 and a 476 series, and Melva Minster 174 and a 477 series, Great bowling ladies!