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Bowling Scores for 22 February 2013

Article Date: 
22 February, 2013 (All day)

Our team standings for this week are tied for 1st place is Eagle Rock Construction and team members are Ethel McQueen, Barbara Roemmich, Berniece Warner, and Gloria Marcellin and team Crandall Ford and team members are Cara Jones and Susan Crandall. In 3rd place is Head Over Heels and team members are Margaret Bowman, Joann Rees, Cindy Matthews, and Laura Hull. Our high scores and series for this week go to Misty Spendlove 167, Pat Olsen 158, Susan Crandall 190=555, Jane Casper 170, Connie Watterson 160, Becky Wilde 179=494, Kelly Christiansen164, Lynette Bosworth 189=456, Laura Hull 151, Berniece Warner 159=457, Gloria Marcellin 155, Bonnie Jeffrey 156, Cathy Friery 181-497, LeeAnn Rudd 188=515, Cathie Layton 159, Shawna Froerer 188=498, and Pauline Maxwell 196=506. Great bowling ladies.
Our team standings for this week are in 1st place is Team 2 and team members are Nichole Slate, Cleo Stuart, Camille Nichols, and Wendy Winn. In 2nd place isTeam 3 and team members are Trina Pentz, Paula Woolsey, and Bonnie Woolsey. In 3rd place is Team 4 and team member are Stacey Buchanan, Judy Carter, Candice Johnson, and Carole Townsend. The high scores and series for this week go to Kresta Love 192=511, Janet Bell 165, Janice Nielsen 181, Melve Minster 151, Trina Pentz 148, Paula Woolsey 149, Bonnie Woolsey 145, Jessica Jorgensen 151, Pat Scoville 155, Nichole Slate 173=451, Cleo Stuart 154,and  Camille Nichols 155
Josie Hunt 90, Preston Butikofer 140, Chase Butikofer 122, and Nate Chappel 136
Our team standings for this week are in 1st place is Northrop Grumman and team members are Ashton Hoopes, Pat Olsen, Pat Bird, and Randy Glanville. In 2nd place is Split Happens and team members are Dillon Smith, Heather Lombard, Casie Carter, and Danny Kline. Tied for 3rd place is Shooters and team members are Mike Shope, Teresa Shope, Lynsey Enlow, and Craig Mahoskey, and team Strike 3 and team members are Pat Scoville, Dennis Vernon, Jo Peterson, and Chad Hayes. Our high scores and series for this week go to Teresa Shope 182=459, Lynsey Enlow 189=516, Craig Mahoksey 245=678, Natalie Coleman 165, Cindy Coleman 154, Steve Michealson 199, Pat Olsen 173, Randy Glanville 203=581, Dennis Vernon 131, Jo Peterson 231=520, Chad Hayes 199, Cathy Friery 163, Ruth Preece 168=453, Neal Betz 180, Misty Spendlove 166, Renn Hoopes 190, Susan Skeen 172=470, Kacie Chappell 174, Dennis Peterson 236=582, Dillon Smith 191, Heather Lombard 182=463, Danny Kline 185=521.