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Boy Scout Court of Honor

Article Date: 
8 October, 2010 - 06:00

Scouts from the Team and Troop 576, sponsored by the Highlands Ward, Morgan North Stake, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, recently held their Court of Honor at the Bowery in Mtn. Green.  
Participating in the Court of Honor were (front row, L to R) Josh Malan who was advanced to 2nd Class, Christian Cox who was advanced to 1st Class and earned 7 merit badges, and Cody Standing who was also advanced to 1st Class and earned 9 merit badges.  In the back row, L to R, is Assistant Scout Master Mont Forsyth,  D.J. Bigelow who was advanced to Star Rank and earned 7 merit badges, Tyler Trantham who also earned 7 merit badges, Travis Forsyth who earned 8 merit badges, Scout Master Carl Hipwell, and Leif Lofgren who was advanced to Star Rank and earned 6 merit badges.  
Absent from the ceremony were Noah Jones who earned 5 merit badges and Colton Miller who earned 6 merit badges.  Following the Court of Honor, under the direction of Carl Hipwell ,  the Scouts retired six American flags as part of the bonfire ceremony while commemorating the service men and women who were wounded or killed in WWI, WWII, Korea, Viet Nam, Iraq and Afghanistan (one flag for each of the wars).  Jim Hurst, a veteran Ranger of the Korean War, then shared some of his experiences and feelings of that war.  It was a very solemn and spiritual conclusion for everyone in a well attended ceremony and richly deserved awards court of honor.