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Browning Outlet Store ‘The Best There Is’

Article Date: 
12 April, 2013 (All day)

Browning Outlet is  first on a list of 50 things to do in Morgan on the new website, put together by the Chamber of Commerce in cooperation with Morgan City and Morgan County. 
For over 15 years bargain shoppers have hunted for deals at the Browning Outlet store.  With their headquarters in Mountain Green, Browning felt it would be a perfect location to sell close-out items discounted by 20 to 40 percent off retail prices.  
The outlet store offers a variety of hunting and outdoor gear, everything from clothing and boots to beach towels and umbrellas.  While the outlet store does not carry guns, it offers everything else a hunter needs to get outfitted for the big expedition.  For those who prefer sleeping in the great outdoors, there are plenty of camping items. Fishermen aren’t left out either.   Because everyone loves the outdoors, the outlet has a women’s department and a children’s department.
They sell more t-shirts and sweatshirts than any other product.  The outlet also carries a vast array of knives, lights, gun cases and gift items.  
Rindy Kennedy, Browning Outlet Store manager, loves her job.  Her favorite part is meeting all of the people.  She finds the people who visit the store are interesting and special.  
“It’s fun to work here and meet people,” Kennedy said.  
Assistant Store Manager Bob Morris added, “The customers are fun to talk to.”  He especially enjoys talking hunting with shoppers.  
The knowledgeable staff greets people from all over the world.  They have had visitors from as far away as Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Mexico Canada, England, Portugal and China.  More people come from out of town than from within the county.  On many of the items they carry, the name of our hometown is famously positioned near their trademark phrase “The Best There Is.”  People around the world know the name Morgan, Utah means quality.  
Browning Headquarters
Browning headquarters have been located in Mountain Green since 1964.  The headquarters employ around 125 employees.  The building is used for business purposes and does not have a visitor area. Many times people ask to visit; however, there is nothing for visitors to see.  
All of Browning’s North America operations are carried out in the Mountain Green office including product design, ordering products, accounting, customer service, R & D and everything else that goes into making this a successful company.  
“The cream of the Morgan crop are employed at Browning,” Diane Carver, self-proclaimed Mensa member, claims.  
Browning History
The Browning name and the quality company that goes with it is world renowned.   This company has been legendary for over 80 years and is happy to call Morgan home.  While locals are proud to have this icon in the hunting and outdoor world call Morgan its home, many probably do not know its history. 
Jonathon Browning became a gunsmith in Tennessee when he was 19 years old, five years after repairing his first gun.  He established himself as a gunsmith in Western Illinois, where at several times he accompanied Abraham Lincoln.  At the time Lincoln was a young attorney in his position as Justice of the Peace.  
In Quincy, Jonathon came into contact with members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, known as the Mormons who were fleeing Missouri because of persecution.  The small town of Quincy took in 5,000 Mormon refugees and fed and housed them until spring even though there were more refugees than residents.  
Several years later Jonathon traveled to Nauvoo to meet with the president of the LDS church, Joseph Smith.  After this experience Jonathon converted to the church and relocated his home and business to Nauvoo.  After the assassination of Joseph Smith, church members were forced to leave their homes again.  Jonathon set up shop in Iowa under the direction of Brigham Young to manufacture and repair guns for the trek west to Salt Lake City.  When he completed his duty, he made his own trek to Utah in 1852 and settled in Ogden.  
Jonathon Browning had 19 children; the most notable offspring is obviously John Moses Browning.  Jonathon taught young John M.  about manufacturing and repairing guns.  John M. also learned about wars and battles fought that had brought his family to the Utah territory.  Throughout his developmental years, many more battles surrounded the fledging society.  This environment led to John M. Browning to continually improve the accuracy and abilities of the gun.  
His designs changed the world of gun making.  His designs have been manufactured by other major companies including Winchester, Colt, Remington and others.  
The company stayed in the Ogden area until it became apparent they needed a location where they could test their designs.  They found Morgan to be the perfect site. Browning continues to carry on the legacy of its founder as a leader in new and innovative products.
 This is just a taste of the rich legacy of Browning.  Stop by the Outlet Store and visit with Bob Morris.  Talking about Browning’s history is one of his favorite parts of his job (second only to talking hunting, of course).
Browning Outlet has gear for summer, winter, fall and spring. They are located at 185 N. Commercial Street.  They are open Monday-Thursday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Browning Outlet is offering 10 percent off entire purchase through June for anyone who mentions this article or 50 Things To Do In Morgan.