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Campus Connection

Article Date: 
8 June, 2012 (All day)

When you have your last child leave your home, you realize that you are not an expert on anything related to raising children. Number six has just left the nest and graduated last week from Morgan High School.
The first five had graduated from another high school which we thought was a great experience for our children. Because of my employment there and my children’s experience, we had come to be as attached to that high school as a family could be attached to a school.
There are so many wonderful things to do in high school that really matter. Obviously, the academic experiences that your children have are the most important! Next come all of the close relationships that your children garner and usually maintain in some form for the rest of their lives. Finally, the experiences and the “feeling” you have about your child, her activities and general high school experience is something that is discussed every time the family gets together.
My daughter came to Morgan as a new freshman to MHS. She had all of the experiences that our other children had, except it was my opinion, as one who had spoiled the last child, that there seemed to be less of the things your children shouldn’t do and lot more of the things that a parent would want them to do at MHS!
The good friend didn’t come along right away, but the friend came and all was well with my daughter. This friend and another have been an outstanding positive in my daughter’s life. Thank heavens for good friends who may say the same thing as parents, but it is more accepted when a friend says it.
Well, that “feeling” about these experiences is better than anything we ever felt at the old high school and we think we know why as parents.
Our daughter received a great education and earned the grades commensurate to her effort. She had caring teachers who were described in great detail physically. The most important thing about the teachers weren’t the number of shoes they had in their possession, but the way they cared about my daughter. By the way, any resemblance to any teacher at MHS with the last statement of the number of shoes is purely coincidental!
For the first time in our experience as parents we had a principal early in our daughter’s career come and give her a hug to welcome her to MHS. The relationship of our daughter to teachers has a great “feeling” to it when we associate it with MHS.
The academic gain at MHS has a great “feeling” because it qualified our daughter to enroll in the college of her choice.
The experiences of activities that were offered were many! Again, the “feeling” was good at MHS!
Recently our daughter received a scholarship on May 10, 2012. During this annual Scholarship Night over 100 students received scholarships to help them with post high school education. My daughter had a good grade point average, but so did our other children at the past high school and only the Valedictorian daughter received a scholarship of any substance. By the way, usually at the past high school there were many scholarships given, but only a few students, definitely not 100, would be the recipients.
Thanks, Holcim for the scholarship you gave my daughter and the many such financial awards to so many other students planning on attending post high school training. Thanks to the foresight of so many who make a child feel a lot better about self because he/she earned a scholarship and literally make post high school training possible!
Morgan High School has a good “feeling” about it because of what it did for my daughter. Thanks Morgan High School! We are not experts on raising children, but one thing we do know: Morgan is now our High School because of the good feelings we have about it! Go Trojans!