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Campus Connection - Accreditation By Morgan

Article Date: 
30 October, 2011 (All day)


The accreditation process is well underway at Morgan High School.  As we prepare for the visiting team to arrive on March 13th and 14th, we have focused on the steps to make sure that our school is on track and ready to go.  One of the first steps was to analyze our departmental effectiveness using the new guidelines provided by the state accreditation training team.  Each department met and answered a series of eleven questions regarding various aspects of instruction and learning within their areas of expertise.  Teachers were asked how they help one another throughout the department and school to better meet the needs of students.  In reading the different responses, I am reassured by the strengths and talents of our faculty and staff.  We have an amazing group of teachers who not only understand their content area, but also know and understand their students.  

One of the next steps is to gather data to update our school profile.  This process is being headed by the accreditation team and is already underway.  The state has provided some new resources that should make the data collection process more efficient than it has been in past years.  One of the main questions that need to be addressed focuses on who is learning and who is struggling with the learning process.  The data gathered will help solidify what programs are working well and where future remediation may need to take place.   

Another step that will take place within the next few weeks begins with a survey provided through Utah State University that will help us take a deeper look at our school climate, overarching issues that we may need to address, and also our strengths and programs that are running smoothly.  The survey will go out to various parents, community members, students etc.   Prior to the survey going out, all the proper steps will be in order for student and parent involvement.  After the survey results are in, the accreditation team along with several focus groups will look at the results and then write specific plans addressing any areas of concern.  The visiting team will look at these plans and the specific departmental plans, as part of the whole school action plan, denoting the next steps for continuous school improvement.  

One of the final steps, prior to the visit, will be to compile all the data into one book that will be available for public viewing in the front office of the high school.  Most of the information will also be available on line on the high school’s website.   If any of you are interested in serving on one of the focus groups, please call the main office to sign up.  We are excited to have several community members working with us and encourage your involvement.

A noted saying goes, “If you are not moving forward, you are slipping behind.”  We feel like the accreditation process is an opportunity for us to continue moving forward.  Any school that is not constantly looking at areas where improvement needs to be made will falter, and so we welcome this chance to prepare, plan, and improve all the educational opportunities for the students we work with.