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Campus Connection for February 10, 2012

Article Date: 
10 February, 2012 (All day)

In recent days many have heard about the “Bomb Plot” at a nearby high school. It was an experience that everyone hopes they will be able to avoid.  I am thankful the district and school administration from that nearby school had policies and procedures in place they could follow. My hat is off to those district and local administrators who dealt with that difficult situation and were able to keep all students safe and parents informed of what was happening.

I want you to know that our district also prepares for such events. Each school year Morgan Middle School is required to hold at least one fire drill monthly in addition to other emergency drills that are held at least once a year. These drills include emergencies such as earthquake, school lockdown, bomb threat, flooding evacuation, and intruder in the school. We also hold                                                an active shooter drill once every other year. 

The purpose of holding these drills is to prepare our staff and students should these types of emergencies ever occur.   We will be able to protect our students to the best of our ability. An example of how these drills have helped us is that we are now 90 seconds quicker exiting the building during a fire drill than we were at the beginning of the school year. However, there is one thing we could really use the public’s help with. If you are visiting the school and for any reason hear the fire alarm sounding, please do not enter the building. This is a safety issue as we are to clear the entire building just as if it were a real fire. Students, staff, and visitors are not to enter the building while the alarm is going off.   There will be an “all clear” signal when it is safe to re-enter. 

One thing I would like to encourage our students to do is share information with their parents, teachers or other trusted adults should they ever receive information about something that will hurt others. In my opinion the student from the nearby high school that shared the text messages about the bombing is the true hero of the day. The courage of that student alerted others so all students were safe.  

I think it is also important to thank the sheriff’s office, fire department and all other emergency personnel who help us practice drills to keep our students safe in case of an emergency. Together we can minimize any potential threat to our students. As a parent, if you have any specific questions about our emergency procedures, please contact me at or by phone at 801-829-3467.