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Campus Connection - The goodness of our constituents

Article Date: 
5 October, 2012 (All day)

We are extremely fortunate to live in a community filled with kind-hearted people who really care about our children and schools.  Three recent events exemplify this attitude amongst the citizenry.
On Friday, Sept. 21, Mountain Green Elementary conducted their annual walk-a-thon.  At this event students walked, jogged or ran around a specified course raising funds for their school.  Parents, grandparents, other relatives, friends and neighbors committed to sponsoring donations for each lap the children were able to complete in a specified time.  
Adult volunteers helped prepare the students for the event and provided food, drink, and assistance as needed to the students during the happening.  They monitored students and encouraged them all along the course.
The children had a great time and enjoyed the physical activity it provided for them on a Friday afternoon.  Many wore big smiles and all sampled the fruit, bread, and cool water provided them throughout the activity.
The PTSO leadership reports the students made over $15,000 at the walk-a-thon.  These funds will be used to support field trips, supplies, and other programs at Mountain Green Elementary.
On Friday, Sept. 28, Morgan Elementary School held their much anticipated grandparents day.  Students invited their grandparents to join them for lunch.  They were able to enjoy one another’s company, eat a delicious sack lunch, and have their picture taken with grandmother and grandfather.
Literally hundreds of grandparents attended the special time.  The students were all smiles. The lunchroom, gymnasium and playground were filled with young and old alike sharing tales of yesteryear and hopes and dreams for the future.
There was certainly electricity in the air; a feeling of love and excitement all bundled into small family groups.  It was a wonderful and touching sharing time.
Numerous homecoming events were also held last week at Morgan High School. Residents of all ages came out to support the various events ranging from street painting to parades.  There were a number of athletic events held on our home turf that week.  Fans poured into the gymnasium to cheer on the volleyball team and the football stadium was over-flowing with supporters on Friday night as the Trojans faced the Bear River Bears.
Prior to the game fans were able to relish the traditional parade followed by a delicious tailgate dinner sponsored by the scholarship committee.  Others were tempted by a freshly grilled burger or hotdog accompanied with a cold drink from the concessions stand.
The homecoming royalty was introduced during half-time.  On Saturday evening older students enjoyed a best dress homecoming dance held in the Trojan Center culminating the fun-filled week.
The success of all these events was made possible in part by the generous and kind-hearted people of Morgan Valley.  They gave of their time, talents, love, and finances to help make all of these activities successful.
Please know how much we appreciate each one of you.  Morgan County truly cares about the welfare of our students and schools.   Thanks to all of you, this town is a very special place to live.