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Campus Connection - Planning for successful extracurricular events

Article Date: 
11 January, 2013 (All day)

It has been said, “That if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”  Contest management at any level of high school sport competition requires preparation and planning in order to increase the enjoyment of the spectators and to enhance the safety for attendees, supervisors, officials and participants. The main purpose for high school sports/activities is educational based activities that are directed by the mission statement and objectives of the local school board and implemented by school administration and teachers. As administrators, we deal with our share of sportsmanship issues and people that lose focus of what our activities and sports programs are about. 
We spend a lot of time and effort assessing the needs of our school activities and athletic programs. We insist that things happen a certain way to make sure we are meeting our objectives as a school. We make sure our people are receiving the necessary training to complete their assignments in a professional manner.
As the New Year begins, many people use this time to regenerate efforts to do better and to set goals to be better. Even though our school is good, we know we can be better in academics and athletics. I just wanted to share a nice experience that occurred at Ogden High School before the break. The MHS student body officers and administrators and the SBOs from Ogden High and their administrators planned to meet at half court before the game for a moment of silence and as a tip off for a fundraising opportunity for the Emily Parker family. Emily, the daughter of the Parker family, was tragically killed in the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Connecticut; her parents are alumni from Ben Lomond High School.  The proceeds from the event went to the Parker family.  It may be of interest that during half time, the two student bodies raised almost $500. This kind of activity helps to instill and builds my faith in our society and emphasizes that we are helping teach kids the importance of showing support when needed.
Not to bring focus to the negative events happening throughout the country, because many good things are happening as well, but these types of events show how extra planning and thoughtfulness are helping to instill in our student body the idea of becoming better citizens and better people.  Whether in sports or other activities such as debate, choir, music or drama, our students have performed exceptionally well.  Our successes are not just measured with wins and trophies, but in how individuals have been strengthened and have grown by being involved in extracurricular activities.  The skills that are learned help the students excel in their other academic areas within the school setting as well as building their character. Planning for success helps ensure success happens.
As all of you know, we have awesome students at MHS; we have awesome people; and we are blessed to live in such a great community.  Thanks for all you do for MHS and the Morgan School Community.