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Campus Connection - Preparing for the opening of the Trojan Century Center

Article Date: 
3 February, 2012 (All day)

The Morgan County School Board is happy to announce that work on the Trojan Century Center continues to make progress.   The construction manager has informed the district that the building will be ready for occupancy in late March or early April.  The Board has tentatively set an open house and dedication date of May 8, 2012.

This 46,000 square foot educational facility uses innovative and cost effective construction processes that provide much needed space for students at manageable cost to the taxpayers. The Center will allow physical education students the opportunity to participate in expanded fitness activities.  Before its construction, those students were often crowed in two to three individual classes held in the high school gymnasium simultaneously.  

Two spacious and modern classrooms have also been created in the Center.  Students in health, certified nurse assistant, medical anatomy and physiology, and American Sign Language, will be housed in these classrooms.

Offices and a conference room have been placed on the balcony along with storage areas and seating for students and/or spectators.

A two lane rubberized track surrounds the playing area of the Center. This will allow students opportunities to enjoy walking, jogging, and running in a controlled climate.

A full sized composite court can be used for a variety of activities. Students will be able to participate in basketball, volleyball, tennis, wrestling, badminton, dodge ball, etc.

A turf field surrounded by protective netting creates an environment that engages students in soccer, softball, flag football, and other physical activities normally limited to the outdoors and moderate weather.

Before and after school the Center can be employed by the various extra-curricular groups for practice and competition.  The court will allow sub-varsity teams to compete in basketball, volleyball, and wrestling.  The track will certainly be an advantage to the track teams when the weather limits them to inside practices.  The turfed field will be a valuable tool to many programs.

The Board is committed to operating and managing the facility in such a manner as to meet the needs of our students first and foremost. As times and schedules allow the Center will be open to the various county recreation programs and other community groups and individuals.  Initially, the facility will be limited to school programs and early morning walking for citizens.  The district needs a window of time to understand the building, the scheduling requirements of the schools, actual cost of operation, rental fee and supervision requirements, and the needs of other local government recreation programs.