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Campus Connection - Springtime at Morgan High School

Article Date: 
29 April, 2011 (All day)


By Morgan High Principal Wade T. Murdock


Despite the weather, this spring has given us many things to celebrate at MHS.  Sterling Scholars, spring activities, and various other endeavors have involved students, parents, and other community members in worthwhile educational and extracurricular activities.  Our band, choir, and drama students have all competed and represented our school very well. They won several honors in their various competitions and have set the bar for future students and schools throughout our state.  

Our counseling center just completed their Comprehensive Guidance Review and passed with flying colors.  The work our counselors and counseling staff do to prepare students for their various careers and continued education is phenomenal.  They work countless hours, coordinate volunteer efforts, organize our local scholarship efforts, and take the time to personally know and care for students.  They have also organized our SEOP’s, which take place on April 27 and 28, to make sure all students are on track for graduation, know their schedules, and are prepared for the up-coming school year.  

Morgan High School was also pleased to host our Morgan County Special Needs Mutual in their production of Warriors of Light.  The play was unbelievable, and the actors’ had the entire audience crying, laughing, and giving standing ovations.  It was a pleasure to see these students and former students excel.  Speaking of excellence, our Sterling Scholars represented our school and district extremely well.  They won more awards this year than any year previous and showed the rest of the state that Morgan is serious about academic success.

Our spring sports programs are seeing record numbers becoming more and more involved.  These different sports often battle severe weather conditions and constant game re-schedules, but they also offer great opportunities for students to improve their physical health, make new friendships, and become a part of an MHS team.  It has been amazing to watch these young people push themselves harder to reach their personal goals and help their teams succeed.

Overall, this spring’s weather and probable flood conditions have been taxing, but watching and working with our students, teachers, counselors, staff members, parents, and community has been invigorating.  Seeing our young people reach outside of their personal limitations to attain their goals makes my job worthwhile.  I appreciate the opportunities I have to be a part of their educational experience.