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City Contracts for Summer Deputy

Article Date: 
29 April, 2011 (All day)


In a move that will provide some help for budget shortfalls at the Sheriff’s office, the Morgan City Council determined to contract with the county to have the services of an additional deputy for 84 days during the summer months.  

The city will have the services of the deputy for 40 hours a week and the contract includes providing assistance for events held in the city over the summer months.    The additional officer will also have shifts designed to cover Friday and Saturday nights.

The city is paying the county $13,878,48 for these services.  This will provide some relief to the Sheriff’s department who has faced budget cuts from the county that reduced one officer and reductions from Morgan City when the law enforcement contract between city and county expired last year. 

The city currently contracts the services of one full time officer from the county and the county provides law enforcement in the city that supplements the full time city officers as a part of law enforcement in the county.  

The contract between the city and county that expired the end of last year included payment from the city for a portion of the school resource officer.  The city had stated that their research had determined that these positions were normally funded from school districts.