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City partners with military for better services to veterans and families

Article Date: 
13 April, 2012 (All day)

The city heard from a n armed services representative on Tuesday in council meeting and appointed Mayor Egbert as the liason for the community covenants team.  This program, which was originally established by the secreatary of the Army for active duty personnel has been adopted by the Utah National Guard and expanded to provide information and services to all military personell and their families.  

The services include communication to the city on benefits and services available to military families.  It has a particular focus on serving families of deployed service personell.  Other communities have implemented programs such as local law enforcement checking regularly on the needs of the families of deployed personell.  It also has sometimes included greater focus from teachers and school administrators on the children of these individuals.  The program has resulted in a greater ability for the deployed individual to focus on their assigned tasks and has also reduced divorve rates among deployed service personnel.  

The city will work with the organization to plan a kick-off.  There will also be additional plans developed on how to communicate these benefits and services to the city and the families who can receive the services.