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City Planning chairman’s lifetime of service remembered

Article Date: 
31 January, 2014 (All day)

In a larger community, an unassuming, gentle man like Duane Stock may have gone unnoticed, but a man such as this is celebrated in our small town.
Stock grew up in Layton, but was a “Morganite” through and through.  He served on the Morgan City Planning Committee for three years before he was sworn in as chairman, where he served for another 10.  He resigned two months prior to his passing, but according to all his peers, he worked cheerfully and positively as long as he could.
Duane and his wife Marian suffered health trials together with a unified smile.  Fellow committee member Julie Anderson recalls, “There can be no greater example of true love.  They handled every appointment and obstacle with grace hand in hand.”
Morgan City Councilwoman Shelley Betz remembers fondly, “Even with all he was going through, he came to the meetings and greeted everyone with a smile and a handshake. You almost forgot he was ill. He was an incredible spirit.”
In talking with various colleagues, the most common thread was that of a gentleman.  Many spoke of Duane’s calm, reassuring demeanor.  Betz said, “I always left a conversation with Duane feeling all the better for having spoken with him. He answered all of my questions and never made me feel uncomfortable for asking.  He was a wonderful chairman for the city planning commission and will surely be missed.  He listened very intently, asked explanations from the attorney when in doubt, and handled difficult individuals with a calm, pleasant demeanor. I don’t think I ever witnessed him get upset.”
Duane was a big supporter of projects to make Morgan City a better place for everyone. He coordinated all the concrete needs with Holcim for all the new playgrounds and the splash pad.  
January Planning Commission meeting opened with a tribute to Duane. The consensus from all was that Duane loved this community and worked hard to keep Morgan’s integrity strong.  He was loved by all and his passing will be a great loss to this community.  
Planning Commission Secretary, Teresa Shope said, “In my time working with Duane, his love for the community shone by the way he conducted each meeting.  Duane honored the City Ordinances with compassion for the rights of its residents.  I loved his calm demeanor and how he took new members under his wing and taught us all the proper way to serve.  He was such a character and I will miss him greatly.” 
Mark Schmid, Morgan City Building Official also commented on Duane’s friendly smile and willingness to help. “I called on Duane’s expertise many times on city projects through the years.  Duane was always willing to take the time to look at plans, give advice, and follow through to make sure the concrete part of a project worked like it was supposed to.  In nearly 18 years of working with contractors on projects in Morgan, I never talked to one who didn’t think the world of Duane. I think everyone who was involved with Duane, professionally or otherwise, felt they were a friend.  No one will ever fill his shoes.”