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City signs contract with Godfrey to find hotel

Article Date: 
13 April, 2012 (All day)

Morgan City has engaged former Ogden Mayor Matthew Godfrey in a consulting contract to bring a hotel to the city.  The city council has been working for many years to entice a hotel to locate in the city with no results.  They recently completed a feasibility study for the area to help persuade developers to locate in the city.

Godfrey will be paid $10,000 initially and  $25,000 upon the execution of a development agreement between the city and the hotel developer.  The City will require an escrow agreement from the developer to pay the fee to Godfrey.  

Godfrey was very successful, as Mayor  in Ogden, in enticing businesses into the area including The Junction and  getting Ogden on the map as a recreational outlet.  To do this he formed many alliances with businesses and economic partners.  He convinced many businesses that Ogden as a good investment.  He was a key player in revitalizing downtown Ogden after the Ogden  City Mall closed.  

Morgan City has been limited in the type of events that can be held in the area without a hotel.  Many events will only come to areas with overnight accommodations.

The hotel will both generate tax revenue for the  city and county and increase visits to the county that will benefit local businesses.  This has been a long term goal of the city for many years and hopes that Godfrey’s experience and contacts will be the final ingredient necessary to accomplish this goal.