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Community Spotlight - The Hadlocks

Article Date: 
21 September, 2012 (All day)

Fifteen years ago Amanda Hadlock’s roommates at Rick’s College found an ID on the ground.  They tracked down the owner and when he came to pick it up, Amanda and Markus met for the first time.  The two had grown up in Vernal and had many ties to each other. However, they had never met.  After that chance meeting they dated that summer and then they both attended Utah State the next year.  They were married in the Salt Lake Temple in 1997 and have built a life together -all because of a misplaced ID.  
Markus and Amanda both received their Bachelor’s degrees in Elementary Education and applied for jobs.  They received offers to teach in an inner city school in Colorado; however they elected to take the other offer here in our peaceful town of Morgan.  Amanda taught 5th and 6th grade before making the decision to stay at home with her children.  In 2003, Markus completed his Masters at WSU and is currently in his 13th year of teaching. He has taught 4th and 6th grade in the past and ended up in the middle teaching 5th grade.  
Markus and Amanda Hadlock have a lot in common from professions to hobbies; however their four children are unique from one another in ways most siblings aren’t.
Typically a family of six members would have some of the same genes; however the Hadlock family is unique in the fact that they are each genetically different.  Each of the four children came into their home through adoption.  This happy family is grateful for each other and for those who brought them together.  Each of the adoptions has been open, allowing for the families to have some contact.
Emma is the oldest and after her birthday in September, she will be 9 years old.  Happy Birthday Emma!  Amanda describes her daughter as “a girly girl.”  She loves all things girly: painting nails, shopping, hanging out with friends.  Emma plays the piano and is also athletic, enjoying gymnastics and soccer.  
Brielle is 6 years old and is a good reader.  She enjoys doing all of the fun girl things like her sister.  She already enjoys tumbling and is trying soccer.  Her family loves to laugh at the “crazy” things she does, which have earned her the nickname of “Spaz.”  
Jordan is 4 years old and changed things up for the Hadlocks when he arrived.  This little guy is all boy.  He loves to play in the mud and get dirty.  He loves to play outside, riding bikes and scooters. He enjoys all sports.
Last, but not least is Logan, who joined the family five months ago.  He is a smiley baby who loves attention.  
Markus and Amanda are active in the community as well as their children’s lives.   Both parents are soccer coaches and Amanda has volunteered for several years for the Morgan County Fair.  She was over the baby contest for the last two years.  
The Hadlocks enjoy being outside and much of their recreation and hobbies take place in the great outdoors.  They enjoy mountain biking, hiking, camping, and cross country skiing.  Markus used to enjoy hunting; however his interests have changed into shooting a great photo of wildlife instead.  While they wouldn’t say it is a hobby or something they necessarily enjoy, the couple has a vast garden they care for together.   
Amanda had an interest in photography and almost eight years ago, she started taking photos for family and friends and business evolved.  River’s Edge Photography clicked with the community and now she fills her time taking pictures of families, high school seniors, babies, weddings and anything else people have a desire to capture in a photograph.   
Amanda isn’t the only entrepreneur in the family.  This summer Markus started his own venture, River’s Edge Window Washing.  When school is out for the summer, Markus doesn’t take a break but instead gives his customers perfectly cleaned windows inside and out.  
The Hadlocks work together and play together.  Creative and hardworking they bring a lot to our community.