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Community Spotlight - Meet the Kolans

Article Date: 
2 November, 2012 (All day)

Carolyn and Kent Kolan are long term residents of Mountain Green. They built their home in Monte Verde in 1971.  Carolyn is originally from Heber City and graduated from Wasatch High School.  Kent was born and raised in Lehi and graduated from Lehi High School.  They met attending a junior college in Provo, now known as Utah Valley University.  “We didn’t really like each other when we first met, but with a lot of pressure from a mutual friend, we started dating the fall of 1965,” Carolyn said.  Those dates resulted in their marriage September 1966.
Over the years, Kent and Carolyn have done a great deal for sports in the community.  The couple was over the WBBA major/minor league program.  They got sponsors for all the teams and procured new uniforms, put in fencing around the ball field and got Pepsi to donate a new score board.  New dug outs were also put in.  Stan Rees was a big supporter and helped in accomplishing this work.  The WBBA food booth became known for its “grand slam” burger, which is a hamburger with a hotdog.  This super concoction was given to every boy who hit a home run.  “Not too long ago, we ran into someone from Brigham City who made the comment about how wonderful it was to come to Morgan to play ball and have the boys get a grand slam burger—even for the teams outside of Morgan,” the Kolans stated.  
Morgan was selected to host the WBBA Little League World Series during the years the Kolans were in charge of the WBBA program.  
In addition to their WBBA work, when the bowery in Mountain Green was enhanced, Kent worked on the sprinkling system and the fencing around the fields.  He and Carolyn mowed the softball fields for many years.
Kent built the stairs and platforms for the junior class prom in 1997, so the juniors could be presented by walking down the stairway from the balcony.  These special stairs and platforms were using for many years at Morgan High.  In addition to these many hours of time, Kent coached recreational baseball, basketball and worked on operation graduation.
Kent and Carolyn have two children:  Stephanie and Troy.  When Stephanie was a senior on the basketball team, Carolyn crocheted five afghans for the graduating seniors on the team.  The afghans had side panels with basketball crossed stitched on one side and Trojans on the other. A big M on the middle panel with the girls’ name and number completed the design. When her son, Troy, was a senior, he said, “Aren’t you going to do that for my team?”  So, Carolyn dutifully crocheted six afghans for the graduating seniors on his team.
Kent and Carolyn both worked at Hill Air Force Base:  Kent retired at 40 years and Carolyn retired at 38 years.  Kent also served in the Army National Guard retiring after 23 years.
These days the Kolans still support their children and sports.  Troy lives in Roy and teaches at Ogden High School.  He is the head football and baseball coach there; the Kolans help with the OHS sports program by painting and striping the football field every week and helping with the score keeping and field work for the baseball program.  
Their daughter Stephanie and her husband Jerimiah live in Price with their four sons. “Of course, these are the most wonderful grandsons in the world,” Carolyn added.
In addition spending time with family, and church and community service, Carolyn still crochets and knits.  Her favorite hobby she says is indexing on Family Search.
In addition to supporting Troy at OHS, Kent also runs the score clock for the Morgan High School basketball program and has done so for the last 12 years.  He says this keeps him in touch with MHS sports, so he doesn’t turn all the way to the dark side for Ogden High.  “Kent is always busy”, Carolyn says, “He works on his yard at home and Bear Lake, and he helps his son in Roy and his father-in-law in Heber City.” He never stops unless it is to watch a sporting event on television.”  Community service for them has been and still is a family affair: where one is, the other is close by.