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Council votes to verify names of four streets

Article Date: 
17 May, 2013 (All day)

About 85 residents will have to officially change their addresses after the Morgan County Council voted to clear up glaring addressing discrepancies.
“Emergency dispatch has told us we have to stick with one street name,” said Dave Manning, county GIS technician.  
He said the verifications were necessary primarily for safety reasons and are part of the county process of updating GIS data for emergency dispatch use.  Although Manning said county staff is in the process of bringing a change in the addressing and street naming ordinance to the council, four discrepancies required immediate attention.
“Robinson Lane is the biggest concern I’ve seen in discrepancies coming from dispatch,” Manning said.  “I’ve gotten a lot of feedback from dispatch on this one.  They can’t find the address.”
When the Whisper Ridge subdivision was platted on county records, the street was named Whisper Ridge Parkway.  The bottom older homes retained the Robinson Lane address, as they had for decades, while building permits for new homes requested the Whisper Ridge Parkway address.
Manning said it is easier to verify addresses before a building permit is issued and homes are built.  
“Changes to building permits are easier than changing the rock on a building,” he said.  
The council voted to retain the name of Robinson Lane instead of Whisper Ridge Parkway.  County Councilman Austin Turner said county emergency crews are more familiar with Robinson Lane.
Over the years, three different Highlands subdivisions included a street named Wasatch, but depending on which one, it was either Wasatch Drive, Wasatch Avenue, or Wasatch Boulevard.  
“This one is more involved,” Manning said.  “It is a nightmare with lines in odd places.  Addresses don’t line up with anything.”
The council agreed with Manning’s recommendation, approving the name of Wasatch Drive to the entire length of the street.  The change will affect 24 residents.
Because new reflective street signs include the street name of Sierra Drive, the council voted to retain that name and discard any references to Sierra Avenue in Mountain Green.  The change will affect 23 residents.
Some 34 residents will have to change their addresses from Cottonwood Road to Cottonwood Canyon Road.  The problem is that the street doesn’t have a definitive ending point, although there is an end to where the county maintains the road.  
Affected homeowners will be notified by both door hangers a  and letter about the changes. It will take 30 days to become official.  It is imperative that residents with changed addresses notify utility companies of the change, especially if they have a land phone line.    Manning said the county will have to install new street signs in some cases.
Charlie Ewert, county planning and building division department director, said residents with any objections to the address changes can call him.  
“This is a safety measure to get an ambulance to their house,” Ewert said.  
Manning said these four changes are the first of many more to come.
“I’m saving more for later,” he said.  “I have a long list on my white board.”