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County Council Notes for May 21, 2011

Article Date: 
24 June, 2011 (All day)


Attending: Chairman Tina Kelley, Members Howard Hansen, Don Mathews, Ronda Kippen, Robert Kilmer, Ned Mecham, Lyle Nelson


Public Comment:

Dave Schroeder – Postmaster – Requested information on who in the county he should work with to facilitate clustered mailboxes for some existing postal customers and for new subdivision.  He also asked the council to consider an ordinance restricting parking in front of mail boxes. 


Council Business:

Member Nelson – Met with Jay Salser,  Davis County economic development director.  Nelson provided information to the council on economic development that they had done, particularly the impact of the convention center that the county had developed.  

Member Kippen – Reported that the chamber of commerce is interested in meeting with the council to discuss economic development.  Member Kippen scheduled a July 19 work session with chamber of commerce, the city council, and the county council.  

Chairman Kelley reported that the planning commission met with Snow Basin.  The planning commission recommended a working group to write a new ordinance for Snow Basin.  They requested 3 council members and 3 planning commission members to write the ordinance.  Member Kelley, Member Kippen, and Member Nelson were appointed.

Member Kilmer reported that Member Nelson will be taking the Morgan Empowered portfolio assignment.


Linda Smith – Update on Historic Register Approvals

Chairman Kelley reported on the item.  She reported that the Round Valley School has been accepted and listed on the national historic register.  She also reported that the Union Station building in the city is being evaluated.  She reminded the council that next year is the county sesquicentennial.  


Public Hearing – Ordinance CO-11-09 – Brice and Heidi Anderson Rezone Request

2635 W Old Highway Road.  The Andersons are requesting a rezone of 3.07 acres.  It is currently RR-1 in front and A-20 behind.  The general plan provides a corridor for village low density.  They are asking for a rezone to R120 which provides half acre lot sizes.  The applicant is moving to Boston for two years for work and wishes to sell the house where they currently live, but split off from it a lot on which to build a house when they return.


Public Comment

David Potter – Potter owns property behind the property with the proposed change.  He reported that the ground conditions are not good for a septic system for multiple dwellings.  He also reported that there are multiple right of ways.  He is concerned that there will be multiple dwellings on the property.  

Debbie Sessions – Sessions commented that the rezone is supported by the general plan and the land use map.  She also reported that the land is in the middle of the identified Enterprise Village and that the applicant is requesting a change consistent with the general plan.  

Ray Vantassel – Lives right next door to the property.  He reported that the land in the area is primarily three-acre lots.  This is the environment in which he purchased his lot.  He expressed the view that the direction in which decisions are moving will eliminate the ability to have horses and other elements of a rural lifestyle.  

Kim Green – Requested that the county support his interests.  Expressed support for the rural environment.  

Darlene Musselman – Musselman lives North of the property.  She expressed support for open space.  She also expressed concerns about the future demand on sewer and water.  

Ron Musselman – Musselman reported that he served on the area plan committee.  He expressed that the area plan committee had the view that the existing homes in this area should not have additional development on the acreage behind them.  

Tamaya Nye – Nye built a home on acreage behind an existing home.  She expressed the view this development has worked well.  She Expressed support of the rezone.  

Anderson reported that their rezone request meets the guidelines of the master and area plan.  He also reported that two individuals have already taken advantage of the rezone based on the new area plan.  He also presented sixty signatures from homeowners in Enterprise supporting the rezone.  

The council expressed concern with the potential for six homes to be built on the site.  Since the applicant is only expressing the desire to build two homes on the lot the item was tabled for the Andersons to work with the county staff to bring back a proposal that would limit the lot to two homes rather than one half acre zoning.


Public Hearing – Ordinance CO-11-10 – Morgan County Fairgrounds Use

The county has regulations for Fairgrounds use permits.  Barefoot Tubing obtained a permit to use portions of the Fairgrounds for their business.  This request prompted revisions to the county code to support the desired use of the Fairgrounds in the future.  

The ordinance was approved unanimously.


Robert McConnell/Grant Crowell – Agreements with Gardner and Rollins Ranch, LLC

Item was tabled.


Mountain Green Sewer Improvement District – Agreement to allow the improvement district to maintain manholes, sewer lines, etc.

Approved unanimously.


Christy Jacobsen/Tracy Compton – 4th of July Celebration 

The agenda for the day was presented.  The committee reviewed the volunteer efforts and events.  The Fourth of July Committee asked the council for additional funds as well as participation in the parade.  The council had not advertised this as a decision item and so could not take action to provide additional funds, but asked the committee to come back after the event and discuss any shortfalls that remained.  The council indicated that they would be willing to provide some additional funds, if necessary.


Garet Stokes – Eagle Scout Project

Stokes asked to place a sign for the Library and Senior Center as his Eagle project. 

Approved Unanimously.


Donald Mathews – CR-11-12 – County Council Participation and Voting via Electronic Means

Approved unanimously


Tina Kelley/Robert Kilmer – Approve Design West contract for Animal Control Building

The contract was approved with all in favor except Members Mecham and Nelson.


Tina Kelley – Appoint Member to Weber-Morgan Health Board

Jamie Grandpre was approved unanimously.