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County Council Notes from October 19, 2010

Article Date: 
22 October, 2010 - 06:00

Council Members Attending: Tina Kelley, Sid Creager, Al Lundgren, Howard Hansen, Karen Sunday, Don Mathews
Public Comment
Lyle Nelson – Nelson had previously come before the council about striping. He observed that this work is moving forward and thanked the council and the county for taking action on the striping.
A citizen thanked the council for their service, their caring, and their efforts on the citizen’s behalf.
Debbie Sessions commented that she is disappointed that the council, in her opinion, is disregarding the Utah Open and Public Meeting Act. Her concern is regarding a work meeting held on September 28 where she did not feel that the advertisement of the meeting listed topics to be discussed. She also expressed concern that the decision to post the county administrator position was not handled in a public meeting.
County Council Business
Member Kelley communicated that the flu vaccine is available at the health department. She encouraged county residents to take advantage of this vaccination early.
Member Lundgren communicated that in the next day or two that all the road striping should be completed in the county.
Member Sunday reported that all the water was shut off at the county parks and restrooms were closed for the season today.
The council recognized Troop 177 who were attending the council meeting. The troop is from Milton.
Chairman Creager indicated that on October 15 the county administrator position closed. Creager asked whether the council wanted to proceed with interviewing and hiring the position. The county received fifty one applications. All the councilmembers except member Mathews indicated their support to move forward in the process of screening applicants for the position.
Attorney Jann Farris asked about whether the county should move forward with a gift to UAC (the Utah Association of Counties). The gifts have           traditionally been something that represents the county.  The council is planning on purchasing an item from Browning this year.  In the past the county has given items like a bag of cement from Holcim.
The council is meeting next week to review the law enforcement building in order to meet the timing required by the CIB (Community Impact Board).  The CIB is the organization which will provide the low interest loan for the project.  
The council will not be meeting the following week due to elections. The council will also be reviewing applicants for the district five seat recently vacated by Rod Haslam.
Board of Equalization Adjustments
The council reviewed adjustments to property values in the county recommended by the assessor.
The item was approved unanimously.
Modified HR Contract
The county attorney had recommended a change to the contract with HR services. The change had been made and the county attorney is now supportive of the contract.
The item was approved unanimously
Fringe Benefits Analysts update on bids for 2011 health care plan
The county has received information about the Health Care Plan renewal. Due to ongoing claims the county’s rates increased 11.7 percent. The statewide trend has been between 12 and 14 percent increase. If the county chooses to make no changes to the plan then the rate increase will be only a 10.68% increase. For the past year for every dollar the county paid on health insurance the health care provider paid $1.35 in claims. The provider held rates lower than that increase due to the county’s past history. The county is now going out to bid for the health care plans.
Information Technology Services Contract
The county contracts their IT services. The current provider no is not longer willing to provide services as a contractor. The council is considering hiring the individual with whom they have been contracting. The various county departments expressed strong support for the existing contractor and his work.
The council determined to have a job description and salary evaluation be completed in preparation to accept applicants.
The item was approved unanimously
Logan Wilde – Bag of Woad Program
Wilde was ill and not able to attend and therefore this item was deferred to a future meeting.
Jay Palmer/Al Lundgren – Hiring of new road employee
Palmer is requesting a new employee to be able to cover time when other employees are out and when he is required to attend meetings. Palmer is also trying to anticipate changes in the workforce with an employee that is approaching retirement and to have someone prepared should that happen. This presentation was to provide information to the council as they consider the budget for 2011. Member Mathews expressed concern over expenditures and whether the county’s budget will support this additional of expenditure.
The item was tabled, and the road department was authorized to seek additional contractors to help with the winter season. It was approved unanimously.
Lars Birkeland/Al Lundgren – Amend the Stop Orders on Rollins Ranch
Birkeland represents 1st bank. They have had to foreclose on lots in Rollins Ranch. The county has currently frozen the ability to have new building permits approved until the developer completes the necessary items for the county to accept the subdivision. This situation causes problem for the bank since they cannot sell lots on which they have foreclosed.  Purchasers are not interested in lots on which they cannot receive building permits.
The item was tabled unanimously pending a report from the county engineer.
Kim Warner/Al Lundgren – Willow Weed removal for Gordon Creek property above Old Highway
Warner expressed concern about weed problems and other issues on Gordon Creek. UDOT has done some clean up to the bridge, but there continues to be problems that Warner believes will likely result in flooding. The council asked the county engineer to review the situation and make recommendations. They also asked the county attorney to research ordinances to see what actions the county can take to help the situation and who is legally responsible to maintain the creek.
The item was approved unanimously.
Kent Smith/Dave Rich – Ordinance adopting the International Fire Code and related appendices and to establish the bureau of fire prevention.
This item proposed an update to county code to bring the county ordinances up to date to be consistent with state code. It  adds ordinances in the appendices of the fire code that the county has followed in the past as a part of the county code. It also adds the ability to charge fines for violations of the fire code.
Approved Unanimously
Barefoot Tubing – Land lease agreement with Barefoot Tubing LLC.
Allen Clark and Jesse Drummond operate Barefoot Tubing. Barefoot tubing is requesting to lease ground from the county to place a portable building next to the river and to allow parking for their customers. Member Sunday recommended that Barefoot Tubing take their proposal first to the Fairgrounds Board.
Several members of the council expressed support to work with Barefoot Tubing. The council approved moving forward with discussions and referred the proposal to the fair grounds board for comment.
Review of Stoddard Bridge Project with Joint Highway Committee (UDOT)
The county had previously approached the state for a grant to fund a bridge over the Weber River. The initial project understated the cost. The county requested additional funding and requested that the project be moved back to 2015 so that the county could provide the matching funds required.
The city has requested a bridge in the city on Young Street to help with safety at the school. The school board is also supportive of this request. The county was hopeful that they could repurpose the funds allocated for the Stoddard bridge to use for the bridge over Young Street. This is not possible since the funding source for the Stoddard Bridge is earmarked for bridge reconstruction, not new construction. The county agreed to work with the city to support pursuing other funding options and appointed Member Kelley and Member Mathews to represent the county in discussions with the City and the School Board to identify any ways to move this project forward.
Budget Resolution to authorize the use of the General Fund monies to fund correction to the retirement fund
The council appropriated 27,805.50 from the general fund to make the state retirement fund whole based on recommendations from an audit that found that an additional employee should have been included in the retirement fund.
Member Lundgren has expressed concern in the past over the penalties being charged from the State and asked the county attorney to identify the code that allowed the state to charge penalties. Attorney Farris indicated that he had researched the statutes and would forward them to member Lundgren.
Approved with all in favor except member Lundgren who abstained.