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County Decides to Keep Cottonwood Park

Article Date: 
7 October, 2011 (All day)


In a five to one vote the council decided to keep Cottonwood Park as a county park rather than handing over the park to the local homeowners association.  Some residents in the area did not want the county to develop the park with additional items like a bowery, restrooms, or soccer fields.  They expressed the view that  the park is a local park that does not have sufficient parking, or large enough space to accommodate the types of activities being discussed by the park board.

The county asked the park board to review the situation.  The park board recommended that the county keep the park.  They also considered some alternatives to how the park would be used including adding parking and soccer fields.  

The council agreed with the recommendation from the parks board.  All members except Member Kilmer voted to keep the park a county park. Member Kilmer expressed the view that the park was a local park and was too small for additional amenities.  He felt that the best route was to have the park administered by the homeowner’s association.