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County officials sign community covenant to support military families

Article Date: 
6 July, 2012 (All day)

At a ceremony just after the flag raising on the fourth of July, individuals from various branches of government in the county gathered to reaffirm their commitment to supporting the families who have individuals serving in the armed services.  “We owe it to our veterans, we owe it to those who are serving our county and protecting us,” said Mayor Egbert.  
The covenant commits the organizations to support the families of deployed personnel and to honor the service of those who are and have served in the armed forces.  The program provides communication to the families of deployed service personnel of resources available to them.  It also encourages law enforcement and schools to pay special attention to these families.  Morgan City already provides subsidy for utility payments to the families of deployed service personnel.  Brown, who recently returned from active duty in Iraq, thanked the city and residents of the county for their support of his family.  This support allows those serving to focus on their jobs, knowing that their families will be looked after while they are deployed. 
The Morgan County News also provides a complimentary six-month newspaper subscription while service personnel are deployed to help them stay connected to their community.