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County Receives $98,000 from FEMA for Flooding

Article Date: 
21 October, 2011 (All day)


The county emergency management director, Terry Turner, reported that FEMA has authorized approximately $98,000 in funding for the county based on expenses for flood control.  The county is required to match 25%, but the volunteer efforts in the county more than covered the 25% match so the county was not required to spend any cash from the budget.  

Turner reported that FEMA approved funding for repairs on the Peterson bridge and road and on other roads in the county.  He further indicated that amount paid by FEMA will completely cover the county’s expenses for flood control. The county had hoped that FEMA would authorize replacing the Peterson bridge, but the funding only paid for repairs.  The county is considering whether to put the FEMA money towards replacing the bridge rather than using it for the repairs.  County Engineer Mark Miller is reviewing options for how to proceed with the bridge.