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Darla Wright retires from the post office

Article Date: 
22 February, 2013 (All day)

A familiar, pleasant face long seen at the Morgan Post Office will no longer be behind the counter after Feb. 28.  After 34 1/2 years as a government worker, Darla Wright will be retiring from the U.S. Postal Service.
She began her career on Dec. 16, 1978, as a carrier relief for Sue Brooks, retired Morgan carrier, while at the same time working as a post office clerk on Saturdays.
She has worked through the tenures of three postmasters and has helped to train eight others.
When Wright first began her work with the Postal Service, there were two full-size mail routes and one smaller auxiliary route in addition to the post office boxes.  Things have changed considerably with the growth in Morgan’s population and advances in technology.
Today there are four full-size mail routes and one smaller auxiliary route.  There are approximately 3,300 deliveries for Morgan County.  Much of the mail is handled with the use of automation and computers are a necessary tool.
Of the things that she will miss about working at the Post Office, Wright says that she will miss working with the public and her coworkers.
One of the highlights associated with this job, she says, is when, on rare occasion, a customer’s package or mail appears lost in the system.  Nothing is more rewarding than to be able to track it down and get it to the desired destination.  It not only makes the person receiving it happy, but also the person sending it.  Therefore, the postal worker feels a sense of accomplishment.  “It’s all about the customer,” she said.
A memory not easily forgotten came about when she and retired coworker Nancy Ford were asked to deliver mail in the Mountain Green Highland area.  Neither of them were familiar with the area nor the procedure.  Ford drove the vehicle as Wright hung out the window stretching to make the delivery.  She was often heard saying, “Ford, can’t you get any closer?”
These are a few of the good memories Wright will take with her as she begins her new life as a retiree.  She looks forward to “no alarm clock, no schedule, being able to enjoy life how she wants and on her own time.”  She also is looking forward to being able to travel with her husband, Gary Mowery, retired science teacher from Morgan High School.
When asked if she had anything she wished to tell the postal customers of Morgan she said, “Always trust that the Post Office goes the extra mile for their customers.  We do our best to do our job the best way we know how.”
Congratulations, Darla.  You will sorely be missed by your coworkers and by the customers of the Morgan Post Office that you have so willingly gone the extra mile to serve for more than 34 years.  Thank you for your pleasant hospitality and caring ways.  Good luck in your retirement.