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Declare war on weeds with Bag O’ Woad program

Article Date: 
10 May, 2013 (All day)

Morgan Conservation District is hosting a Bag O’ Woad program this spring. 
Morgan County youth, ages 6 through 18, are invited to earn a $10 bounty for each 40-pound bag of the noxious weed dyer’s woad that has been dug, collected and returned. 
Dyer’s woad is a non-palatable, aggressive weed that produces chemicals which inhibit growth in adjacent plants. It has established itself across thousands of acres of western rangeland where the Bureau of Land Management estimates that it can reduce grazing by 38 percent. It is now widespread in Morgan County, as well as in 24 other counties in the state.  
Dyer’s woad is a native of southeast Russia and has been used since the 17th century to produce a blue dye extract. It is thought to have been imported into California in contaminated alfalfa seed and appeared in Brigham City around 1910, since spreading into Morgan.
Bag O’ Woad is designed to educate residents about the seriousness of dyer’s woad and other noxious and invasive weed infestations, and to rally community support for noxious weed control efforts in the county. There are three parts to the program: picking up an official program bag(s), bagging the woad, and collecting the bounty.
Picking up Your Bag and Program Registration:
Morgan County youth must obtain official program bags to participate. Come to the Morgan County Road Shop on 380 North Industrial Road Wednesday, May 15 or 22, from 5 to 7 p.m. to learn about the weed and get your official program bags. Each participant is allowed two bags. There are a limited number of official program bags so they will be distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis while supplies last.
Bagging Your Woad:
All dyer’s woad must be collected within Morgan County. Fill your official program bag with 40 pounds of pulled, or dug, dyer’s woad. A minimum of a two-inch root is required on all plants. Keep in mind that the wetter the soil, the easier the plants are to pull or dig. WEAR GLOVES - the weed’s sap can be an irritant.
Collecting your Bounty:
Bring your full 40-pound bag to us and collect your bounty!  Bounties must be collected on Wednesday, May 22 and 29, between 5 and 7 p.m. at the Morgan County Road Shop. Only official program bags will be accepted. The signature of the youth and a responsible adult is required at the time the payment is made. 
To learn more about this program or Morgan County Noxious Weeds, contact the Morgan Conservation District at (801) 538-7118.  
The program receives support from the Morgan Conservation District, 1st Bank, Bohman Ranch, Diamond D Ranch, Farm Bureau, Geneva Rock, J Reverse J Cattle Company, Jay and Wess Wardell Fur Farm and Morgan County and the USU Extension Office.