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Elementary schools raise money for Sandy Hurricane victims

Article Date: 
22 March, 2013 (All day)

By Alayna Gunn
In an effort to help provide relief from the devastating aftermath of the Sandy Hurricane, Mackenzie Cannon initiated a fundraiser called “$ents for Sandy.” Her goal was to make a meaningful contribution through the Red Cross to help rebuild lives shattered by this natural disaster.  
Both Morgan and Mountain Green Elementary Schools participated in a “Penny War” competition between classes. 
Armed with spare change, motivated to be a part of the winning class and make a difference in other children’s lives, these students vigilantly scoured their houses for money to contribute to their class’s bottle of change.  
Over $1,500 was raised between both Mountain Green and Morgan Elementary Schools and all of the money collected was directly donated through the Red Cross. 
Congratulations to Mrs. Crowton’s and Mrs. Netz’s classes, who each won the competition in their respective schools. 
Mackenzie Cannon, assisted by Alyssa Barr, Alayna Gunn and Andrea Millburn, who are all members of the National Honor Society of MHS, organized and implemented this service project that has reached far beyond our own Morgan County. 
Thank you to all who generously donated to this worthwhile cause, and know that your contributions have made a difference.