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First Home Track Meet of the Year Morgan vs Grantsville

Article Date: 
8 April, 2011 (All day)


The first home track meet of the year was held March 30 at Morgan.  

The Trojans hosted the Grantsville Cowboys.  With one meet under their belts the Morgan track team was eager to get back on the track and see what another week of practice had done. 

The weather was a little drizzly for twenty minutes and then stayed overcast but not too cold for the remainder of the meet.  There is always a good audience of parents and friends at Morgan when there is a track meet, and that day was no exception.  There were plenty of fans and umbrellas of all colors and sizes. 

With a two team meet you only score 3 places in events so those who scored points for Morgan were not as numerous but we will report those in the top five places.  Team scores for the boys were Morgan 99.5, Grantsville 32.5, for the girls Morgan 117, Grantsville 15.



Boys marking 

in the top five:


1st Casey Evans 16.48

6th Cameron Arnold 19.41


1st Bridger Anderson 11.92

2nd Ethan Clark 12.20

3rd Joe Kippen 12.23

6th David Glover 12.65


1st Sean Workman 5:12.74

2nd Jake Dean 5:26.49

3rd Taylor Preslar 5:28.58 


1st Jake Dean 12:02.36


1st Sean Workman 2:20.45 

2nd Jake Dean 2:25.57

3rd Seth Marsden 2:27.75


2nd Casey Evans 43.09


1st Bridger Anderson 58.12

2nd Kevin Hoffman 58.65

3rd Trevor Heath 59.19 

4th Hayden Garfield 59.44

5th Taylor Preslar 59.56


1st Ethan Clark 24.60

3rd David Glover 25.97

4th Travis Carter 26.65

H Jump

1st Casey Evans 6-00

2nd Gabe Davis 5-08

3rd Dallin Hoffman 5-02

L Jump

2nd Gabe Davis 18-04

3rd Joe Kippen 17-10

5th Jaran Bennett 16-02


1st Josh Mines 111-00 

2nd Rylan Cox 109-08

3rd Jake Cannon 106-05


4th Cameron Arnold 113-00

5th Haskin Hardman 95-09


1st Jake Cannon 37-06

2nd Kyle Stapley 37-00.25

4th Tyler Kippen 35-00

5th Landon Loucks 34-07

4x100 Relay 1st 47.76 

Joe Kippen

Kalin Johnson

Ethan Clark

Bridger Anderson

4x400 Relay 

1st 4:02.49

Trevor Heath 

Dallin Hoffman

Hayden Garfield

Travis Carter

Medley Relay

1st  4:27.70

Bridger Anderson

Joe Kippen

Tanner Reese

Jaran Bennett












Girls marking 

in the top five:

100 H

1st Kayla Jackson 18.42 

2nd Natasha Anderson 18.97

3rd Rashel Blazzard 19.32

4th Megan Miner 20.06

5th Taylor Sherburn 21.52


1st Rachael Johnson 13.42

2nd Saren Johnson 13.45

3rd Stephanie Criddle 13.99

5th Shannon Criddle 14.14


1st Emmalee Barajas 6:09.55

2nd Andrea Millburn 6:19.33

3rd Lizzy Stauder 6:31.33

4th Lauren Casper 6:35.10


1st Lizzy Stauder 14:05.63

2nd Candace Gunn 14:36.08

3rd Lauren Casper 14:40.54


1st Laura Deru 2:47.83

2nd Katie Peterson 2:53.02

3rd Candace Gunn 2:56.98

4th Jenna Crosley 3:01.72


1st Rashel Blazzard 51.94

2nd Kayla Jackson 53.35

3rd Megan Passey 54.08

4th Natasha Andrson 55.00

5th Alexis Oldham 58.22


1st Ashley Garfield 1:04.40

2nd Rashel Blazzard 1:04.61

3rd Megan Passey 1:06.93

4th Cheyenne Wardell 1:09.67


2nd Chandler Weitzeil 30.03

3rd Rebekah Elton 30.39

4th Taylor Weitzeil 30.41

5th McKenzie Moore 30.76

H Jump

1st Rachael Johnson 5-00

2nd Lindsay Miles 4-10 

2nd Stephanie Criddle 4-10

5th Shannon Criddle 4-08

L Jump 

1st Ashley Garfield 14-07


1st Chelsey Stegelmeier 113-10

2nd Seanna Thornton 88-09

3rd Kelsey Henry 82-08.75

5th Megan Stapley 78-04


2nd Ashley Garfield 92-00

3rd Kelsey Henry 87.02

4th Lindsay Miles 78-03


1st Kassie Nagel 34-00.75

2nd Chelsey Stegelmeier 33-03

4th Kelsey Henry 26-08.5

5th Megan Stapley 26-06

4x100 Relay

1st 54.18

Rachael Johnson 

Saran Johnson 

Stephanie Criddle 

Shannon Criddle

4x400 Relay 1st 4:14.14

Megan Passey

Ali Petersen 

Rashel Blazzard 

Melissa Walker

Medley Relay 1st 4:52.18

Shannon Criddle

Stephanie Criddle

Megan Passey

Emmalee Barajas