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A Good Read - Awakening by Christy Dorrity

Article Date: 
3 January, 2014 (All day)

A couple of weeks ago an author from Morgan came into the bookstore.  She asked whether we would interested in stocking her book.  We have a good selection of science fiction and fantasy in the bookstore and I always like to support local authors so I told her we would be happy to.  I will confess that I am a lover of science fiction/fantasy and that genre is one of the best stocked in the store.  I was also looking  for a good book to read over the holidays so I took a copy home to read.
The book pulled me right in.  It  is a young adult novel, but I often read those because they have all the story, but none of the sex and bad language you see in adult novels.  The main character is a sixteen year old young woman who loves to dance and has a family that, unknown to her, has special talents.  Her love of dance and her family’s special talents lead her on an adventure in which she discovers her past, finds new love, and uncovers hidden talents in herself.
I loved this book!  It is one of the best new novels I have read in quite a while.  The writing was smooth.  The dialog natural, and the story was captivating.  There was just enough foreshadowing to lead you along, but it never spoiled the surprises to come.  The book is the first in a series with the next book due out this year.  I look forward, with anticipation, to the next book.
If you’re looking for a good fantasy novel to pull you into a different world for a time, or if you’re looking for a great book for your children,  I can’t recommend one better.  Dorrity shares her considerable talents with our community in this novel.
The book is available in paperback at Morgan Valley Crafts, or as a Kindle Book on Amazon.