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The Great Pumpkin comes to Mountain Green Elementary

Article Date: 
30 October, 2011 (All day)


The students at Mountain Green Elementary School  have been getting a close up view of some very large pumpkins.  The growers,   Matt McConkie and Tyler Quigley, both residents of Mountain Green, brought the pumpkins to the school for display.  

The largest pumpkin, grown by Mr. McConkie, set the state weight record this year weighing in at 1600 pounds.  The smaller pumpkin, grown by Mr. Quigley, also had an impressive weight of 994 pounds.  

Pictured with the pumpkins are the students in Mrs. Bates 5th grade class. 

A big thanks to Mr. McConkie and Mr. Quigley for sharing these phenomenal pumpkins with the students at Mountain Green Elementary School.