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Hands, heart, head and health recognized at achievement night

Article Date: 
18 October, 2013 (All day)

While young people around the nation are receiving a bad reputation for being selfish and unmotivated, Morgan youth have proved they are just the opposite.  
Wednesday, Oct. 9 the Morgan County Courthouse auditorium was filled with dedicated 4-H members, families, friends and leaders to celebrate the achievements of Morgan 4-H over the last year.  Participants in the 4-H program learned skills, leadership and service while enjoying the club that has lasted over a century.
The evening began with the pledge of allegiance followed by the 4-H pledge.  The 4-H members and leaders were acknowledged for using their heads, hearts, hands and health to better themselves and others.  
Amanda Christensen presented throughout the evening along with her team.  She delightfully entertained the crowd as numerous groups of 4-Hers filed to the front to receive recognition in the various areas of merit.  
This was an incredibly successful year for Morgan 4H. Their accomplishments included introducing the 4H Cloverbud program for kindergarten through second grade; completing the hog barn at the fairgrounds; the Morgan robotics team took 2nd place; had a representative from our county with the 4H Ambassador program; held nine 4H summer camps-equating to a busy one per week during the summer; and had a record number of indoor entries at the fair.  The 2013 Morgan County Fair had an amazing 365 entries in the 4H department.   
The Bruce and Jennifer Clark family won the Utah 4-H family of the year in February.  During the evening the Scott and Cynthia McMillan family was named the Morgan 4-H family of the year.  The McMillans presented the Junior Farmer interactive program at the fair.  They completed a variety of projects.  Cindy happily accepted the award and explained why their family participates in the organization, “Our kids have had a ton of learning opportunities and service opportunities through 4-H.”   
The new Junior Livestock Co-chairmen Eric and Kim Turner presented the Record Book Awards.  Customarily the top five entrants are awarded; however, with an exceptionally talented entrant pool, the top 10 were recognized this year.  The 4-H participants learn valuable skills through record keeping, particularly abilities in finance.  
Kelly Carter presented awards for those who excelled with their 4-H portfolio.  This particular project is very extensive.  It includes eight sections requiring information including projects, service in and out of 4-H, stories about themselves and 4-H, and activities in and out of 4-H.  The award winners can go onto state to compete for a scholarship.  The recipients were commended for their hard work.
Youth participation in the club was recognized, as well as adult leaders.  
Tina Comer was recognized for 25 years of service in 4-H.  She has worked with many young 4-Hers and she was commended for continuing to serve in a great capacity even though her own children are no longer in the program.  “She’s a great volunteer and will do everything and anything,” Christensen said.
Diane Chappel received an award on behalf of her mother, Susanne Skeen, for serving 35 years with 4-H.  She also received the Salute to 4-H Volunteers Award for her outstanding service.  She has gone above and beyond for three and a half decades to help kids learn and develop.  
Ellissa Clark received the Salute to Youth 4-H Volunteer.  Aother leadership and service-oriented tasks that made her stand out, Clark helped organize the teen council, ran two camps for military youth, promoted 4-H statewide, worked on a training in Honolulu, ran local day camps, and was a state 4-H ambassador.  
Alumni of the Year award was received by Mynon Deru, who has served as the livestock chairwoman and improved the organization as a whole. “I have never seen anyone more concerned about the youth,” Christensen reported. 
The title of 4-H Mentor of the Year was shared by Rex and Alisa Hardman and Stan and Keri Larsen for their hard work this year, particularly aiding with the hog barn.  
The Clover Key Award was presented to Kim Turner, who is continually serving. She has presented new ideas and started various clubs for the community to join.
The Door Knob Award is given to someone who opens the door for others to join 4-H and was given to Sara Clark.  She always asks what she can do to help.  She attends meetings to stay informed and planned and during the summer presented the sewing camp, which is one of the more difficult camps.  She competed at state and helped with the teen council, as well as various other accomplishments.  
Congratulations to all of the youth who have gained experience and have given service through 4-H.  Morgan is proud of all the hardworking, determined, service-oriented youth who make our county wonderful!