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Hee Haw it’s ya’ll Donkey basketball

Article Date: 
23 March, 2012 (All day)

The FFA once again brought back Donkey Basketball to the High School gym to raise funds for their program! A bit like traditional basketball, only with donkeys added  and a twist of country on the court, these donkeys have a mind all their own, even when their riders have a different agenda. A competitive sport involving the Morgan Cowboys, FFA, MHS Faculty, and the Wrestling team, not riding a horse with no name, but riding donkeys with names like Shrek, Snickers, Twitter, Red Rock, Pee Wee, Snake River, Expresso and Tater Tot!  Donkey Basketball has been in Morgan for many years, going every other year.  The teams consisted of the cowboys with Mike Morgan, Jody Mecham, Jason Morgan, Rhonda Morgan, Hutch Haslam, Justin Haslam. The FFA team was Byran Chappell, Kyle Stapley, Christian Anderson, Caden Wilde, Jake Cannon, Luke Little, Byrce Preece, Eli Porter. The MHS faculty was Mr. Bennett, Mr. Mills, Coach Kelly, Magee Stapley, Megan Stapley, Bro. Phelps, Nate Buchanon. The Wrestling team was Wyatt Ashby, Porter Green, Ryder Green, Tyler Carter, Jayden Pentz, Jose Patino, Bridger Anderson, Karen Baird.

In round one the faculty competed against the FFA, losing to the students, in round two, the FFA went against the Wrestling Team, but those wrestlers knew just how to wrestle their way on to their donkeys back when it came to get to the basket. The third round consisted of Morgan’s true cowboys, against the MHS faculty in which the Cowboys  showed their true nature on the back of these four legged creatures and took the lead! 

The last round the wrestlers against the FFA, as they attempted to gear their donkeys toward the baskets, and in attempt to stay on their donkeys at times, the wrestlers took a fun overall win. It was a great night of hee hawing fun, laughs and poops, as they would say in old time Morgan County Newspaper, “And a fun time was had by all!”