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Hipwell and Nuttall proceed to November election

Article Date: 
29 June, 2012 (All day)

Jody V. Hipwell and Lydia Nuttall will proceed to the November election for the Morgan County School Board District 1.  Hipwell received the most votes at 86, while Nuttall came in with 67.  With 43 votes, Tina Cannon was eliminated after the primary election.
As incumbent, Hipwell was appointed to serve on the school board in mid-2011 to fill the seat left vacant by long-time board member Earl Ericksen upon his death.  In 2008, Hipwell ran against Ericksen unsuccessfully.  Hipwell has experience serving on community councils and PTSO boards since she moved to the county 12 years ago.  She has two children in Morgan County schools.
Nuttall has been consistently attending school board meetings for the last three years and state board meetings for over a year.  She has experience serving on community councils and PTSO boards for three district schools.  She has lived in the county for nine years and has two children attending Morgan schools.
In the November election, incumbent Ken Durrant and Clay Rich will vie for the school board District 3 seat.  It is a four-year position.
Other races on the November ballot won’t pose voters with much of a challenge.
Incumbent Neil Carrigan was the only candidate to file for the school board District 5 four-year seat.
Robert Kilmer is running unopposed for the Morgan County Council District 3 seat, a position previously held by Councilman Howard Hansen.  It is a four-year position.  Since 2011, Kilmer filled the at-large council seat.
Logan Wilde is running unopposed to fill Kilmer’s at-large council seat for the next four years.
Daryl Ballantyne will run unopposed to fill Councilwoman Ronda Kippen’s County Council District 4 position.