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Historical Society offers ‘Welcome to Peterson’ video

Article Date: 
28 March, 2014 (All day)

If you haven’t taken the opportunity to view the Morgan County Historical Society website, you might want to take a look.  The site now includes the video, “Welcome to Peterson.”  The video/slide show is approximately 15 minutes in length.  It gives a brief history of the early settlement, the four schools, stores and hotel that were located in the community.  Although it is not a complete history of the area, it presents some interesting facts and background information.
To view the video go to  From the home page go to the histories link and then the red new -- Historical Slide Show of Peterson.  This will take you to the video.  The video can be enlarged to full screen by clicking on the lower right corner four-square emblem.
It is the Society’s goal to produce a similar slide show of all the small communities in the county.  However, in order to achieve this goal, photographs have to be donated to the Historical Society.  Without the help of individuals willing to share their photographs, similar presentations cannot be created.   
If you have photographs that you are willing to share, please contact Linda at (801) 829-6713 or email  Your photographs can be copied on site and while you wait.  There is no threat of loss or damage to your valuable photos.
 While you are at the Historical Society website, check out the other features.  A couple of favorites are the Self-Guided Auto Tour from Henefer to Mormon Flats.  This can be printed or a copy is available at the office located inside the Morgan Library.  Another favorite is the Interactive Tour of Many Historic Sites and Photos of Early Morgan County.  This is viewed from the home page.  You can then see the historic photos and their location by checking the balloons on the map or from the list below the map.  Then you will view a photo and by checking the photo a brief history.  These photos can also be printed and are great for those fourth grade county reports.   Most of the information needed for those reports can be found on the website.
Enjoy the website and help create a slide show of your area by donating your historical photographs.