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History of Morgan High School

Article Date: 
30 October, 2011 (All day)


Thank you to the 

Morgan County Historical Society for pictures and history information.


In, looking back over the history of the Morgan County High School, one must regard its rapid development as most miraculous. In the fall of 1911, the high school began to take firm footing. The first year saw a sturdy bunch of twenty-two students and one instructor, Principal H. B, Fry, working hard against a thousand difficulties; yet never having the least idea of the great foundation they were laying. One room comprised the spacious apartments of the school in the present grade building. 

All went well, and the next year, 1912, saw Morgan County High School somewhat enlarged. Two more, teachers were added to the faculty. Domestic art and science were introduced. Botany and Zoology found eager subjects to puzzle and stall. 

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Porter had come into the school with the determination to aid in the placing of the institution on a higher level.

But what about the enrollment of the school all this time? Simply this, more and more students were crowding in all the time. The school was spreading beyond its former bounds. Rooms were fitted up in the basement of the old building and still the quarters were inadequate. Finally the courthouse was pressed into service, but even then there were not sufficient accommodations.

In May 1913, bonds were voted in Morgan County to provide a new building. When the election turned out in our favor, our joy knew no bounds. In August, the erection of the magnificent new building began. The building was to have been finished by the following January, but the sudden failure of the contractors put a damper on things.

We were anxious to get into our new abode as Mr. R.L. Fenton and Miss Clare Hyde were with us, and we wished to take advantage of the splendid opportunities offered by their courses, for Mr. Fenton had introduced manual training.

In the fall of 1914, our greatest hopes were realized. For there in the heart of Morgan City, facing the Lincoln highway, one of the most magnificent high school buildings in the state had been erected at a cost of nearly $25,000. The exterior of the, building is in maroon and white, our colors. The interior is very well planned. The finish of the woodwork is one not commonly seen in public bui1dings. The gymnasium will be the equal of any in the state as soon as it has been fully equipped. Sixteen rooms are already well occupied.

The year 1914-1915 is going to be a very important one. We have for principal, H. B. Fry, instructor in English, arithmetic, history and music. Mr. Fenton has classes in agriculture, manual training, physics and general science. Miss Hyde is in charge of the algebra, domestic science and domestic art. R. R. Bacon, who is the addition to the faculty this year, teaches sociology, history, civil government, and business. The first class is to be graduated this year.

The future of the high school is in our hands, fellow students. God grant we may prove true to this sacred trust.