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History of the Stoddard school house

Article Date: 
4 October, 2013 (All day)

In 1894-95 a brick school was constructed on Highway 30/Lincoln Highway (1460 Old Highway Road) on property purchased by the Stoddard School Trustees from William L. Smith.  The property purchase price was $50.  
The brick school was constructed by Henry Mortenson and John Simmons for $439.  The school was rectangular with three windows along the side walls and was heated with a pot-belly stove.  It had some unique features which distinguished it from other one-room brick schools in the county.  There were two windows on the end of the building facing the road, and an entrance hall, used for hanging coats, projected out from the front (southwest) corner of the building.   
Above the small entry was an attractive steeple bell tower from which a flag pole proudly projected.
According to county records, the abandoned school was sold to James Frongner in February 1933.  The building was then remodeled and served as a family home for many years.  It was later demolished and the area was used for a garden plot by the Lewis Frongner family.
This and other information about the school building that once adorned the communities of Morgan prior to 1936 can be found in the book, Morgan County School Buildings.  The book can be purchased at the Morgan County Historical Society for $5.