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It’s an amazing race eighth grade style

Article Date: 
11 January, 2013 (All day)

On Nov. 30, 2012, the Morgan Middle School eighth grade class had their 10th annual TRAX Adventure. In preparation for the excursion, the eighth grade class studied how Salt Lake City is planned on a coordinate grid with Temple Square being the origin of the coordinate plane.  Students also studied how to read a schedule and how a mass transit train system map works.  They learned that you board a train showing the final station of a particular line and, of course, board a train going the right direction.  Students also studied distance, rate, and time as a preparation tool.
Concluding a visit to the Clark Planetarium, the students walked to the Gateway Food Court, where they enjoyed lunch.  After, they grouped up in their pre-planned teams.  Their teams consisted of approximately eight to 10 students with one adult chaperone.  Fifteen parents joined the eight, eighth grade teachers to chaperone the 20 teams.  The teams were challenged to make their way to one of five TRAX stations in Salt Lake City, board the correct train, and reach a certain destination by a certain time.  The adult chaperones weren’t supposed to intervene unless the teams became lost or were being unsafe.  All 20 teams proved themselves to the task and made it to the Murray 5300 South TRAX station on time.
 For a decade this has been an eventful field trip for our eighth grade students of Morgan County.  It has been interesting to see them enjoy the diversity of Salt Lake City and experience a mass transit adventure.  Our students conducted themselves wonderfully and seemed to enjoy the “Big City.”  Hats off to a great eighth grade adventure which was truly “An Amazing Race.”