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It Really Does Take a Village to Raise a Child

Article Date: 
4 February, 2011 (All day)


By Morgan Middle School Assistant Principal Terry Allen


When it comes to education most people think of the students, parents, teachers, buildings, and district administrators as the so called “village” in educating a child. In our district we have some of the best students, parents, and educators that you would find anywhere in the state. What set us apart though are the stake holders that many do not think about until there is a problem. I am referring to the support staff that we are lucky to have in our district and part of our educational team. I would like to publicly thank them for all they do and provide a glimmer of what they do behind the scenes that allows the students in our district to receive the best education possible.

Those that work in maintenance such as custodians and facilities repair are at the schools early in the morning and late at night ensuring that our buildings and ground are safe, sanitary and aesthetically pleasing. They plow parking lots and clear walkways earlier than most of us even consider getting out of bed in the mornings. They clean buildings late into the night after all of the school and public activities are over.

The transportation department supervisor and mechanic ensure that the vehicles we use to transport students are safe and reliable. Our drivers bring our students to school safely in all types of weather and also transport them to all types of activities. If you have ever taken a road trip with children, you know how things can be. I take my hat off to our drivers as they are always smiling and encouraging our students every time they see them.

Food Service workers are those that start early in the day to prepare nutritious and delicious meals for our students. Ms. Roxanne Rich spends hours planning menus that not only meet state and national nutrition standards yet are still appealing to young people as well. The cooks in each of our buildings put not just ingredients into the recipes they make but love and care as well. They greet students with a smile that warms hearts and the students know they are loved.

In each school we have aides and para-professionals that help students over struggles related to learning. These workers are amazing as they treat each student they work with in a dignified manner to help them obtain the skills necessary to become a contributing member of society. These individuals ensure that every student is provided an opportunity to experience academic success based on their abilities. It is amazing to see students wanting to spend time at recess talking with the aides before they start playing with their friends.

While in college I was told if you want your school(s) to run well, always keep a good relationship with the secretaries. Now that I have had the opportunity to work as a teacher and as an administrator I can tell you this was probably the most important thing I learned in college. These ladies whether they are at the district office or in the individual schools coordinate all of the logistics that ensure that the education of students can take place. They are the face/voice of education as they greet people who enter the office or call on the phone. Many times they are able to answer questions and solve concerns thus allowing others to carry out their responsibilities in educating students in our district.

I want to thank our support staff, you make it possible for the educational process to be as successful as it is in Morgan School District and you are appreciated.