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Junior Rodeo kids show their skill in the mud

Article Date: 
1 August, 2014 (All day)

“There’s only one thing worse than riding a dry sheep, and that’s riding a wet one!” Monday night’s announcer said as riders slipped right off the livestock.  
Monday night the fairgrounds were covered in water and mud as an intense rainstorm settled in Morgan.  Some wondered if the event would be canceled, but little buckaroos from around the county showed they are as tough as their older counterparts.  
Rough stock events took place in the main arena.  Mutton bustin’, bucking ponies, calf riding, steers and mini bulls made up this show, which was broken up with a chicken chase, bunny chase, boot scramble, pig chase and ribbon pull.
Avery Porter was super excited about her bag of candy, but she also was excited about being dirty.  This was her first time mutton bustin’.  But this wasn’t her older brother Chase’s first rodeo.  The seasoned sheep rider went for his third round of mutton bustin’ this year.  
The siblings happily clutched their sack of candy covered in mud as they finished their turn in the competition.  
Nearby 4-year-old Kelton Harrison waited for his turn.  “I’m going to hold onto the sheep all around the arena,” Kelton declared, “all around the arena!” This little kid with big personality showed off his muscles, which are pridefully referred to as big guns, as he smiled waiting for his chance to ride.  
Just to the north of the main arena timed events were held in the Morgan High School arena.  Breakaway, goat tie, barrels, poles and keyhole kept the second arena entertained for the evening.
These kids had the crowds laughing, cheering and happy throughout the muddy night.  
Good job to all of the cowboys and cowgirls who showed off what they were made of in the arena!