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Let the Voters Decide

Article Date: 
8 October, 2010 - 06:00

  It is not often that I write editorials. I think most often our role  as a newspaper is to report the news in the most objective way we can,  and allow each person to develop their views. I work particularly hard to ensure that I keep a neutral tone when I write. I have opinions, but I work to keep them out of my articles.
  This week, however, I felt I should chime in. In the county council meeting on Tuesday there was significant conflict. In some ways, this is simply a part of the governmental system we have. It is a system that thrives on checks and balances. This is true between branches of the government and between elected officials and the citizens who elected them.
  In council meeting a more personal conflict developed. Chairman Creager felt that his integrity was being questioned. Larry Hatch felt that Chairman Creager was exercising too much influence in the replacement of the council administrator position. I know both of these men somewhat well. Both, it seems to me, regularly try to do their best to do what is right. They are often on the opposite sides of discussions, but both are willing to talk.
  Chairman Creager was understandably upset at things that were being said about him in the community that were untrue. He took Hatch to task on this. What happened next, however, I don’t think should   have happened. Hatch was asked to withdraw from the election if what  he had said about Chairman Creager was untrue. At the end of the discussion, Hatch agreed to withdraw.
  I sincerely hope that this is not the end of the story. I hope that when the passions of the night subside that Larry decides to run. I think it is up to the voters to decide who represents them, I don’t think it should be up to a moment of high drama.
  Larry has consistently tried to give the voters a choice. Was he wrong  in what he said about the Chairman? I will leave you to decide that, but even if your answer is yes I don’t see that Larry was saying anything that he did not believe to be true at the time. We all should be more careful in what we say.
  Larry, I hope that you practice what I have heard you say to many others, and give the voters a choice. Stay in the election. Finish the race and let the voters decide who they want to represent them on the council.