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Letter to the Editor - Am I All Alone on This One?

Article Date: 
14 September, 2012 (All day)

Over that last few months, I have read and heard numerous people discussing the need we have for more businesses in the Morgan Valley. Every time I hear these people talk I keep thinking to myself, “Am I all alone in not wanting any more businesses here?”  Now please understand that when I make that statement I said any MORE businesses. I enjoy the business that is here right now. I frequent the restaurants, both gas stations, and during the winter months my wife and I enjoy being able to use the various fitness outlets that operate in Morgan. So I am not opposed to business. However, the thought that more business is a magic pill to solve all of our problems seems a little short sighted. It’s not as if we get a few more businesses and all of a sudden a large dump truck full of cash will back its way up to the school district offices and all of our problems will be over. More businesses will bring more people. More people will bring with it the need for more money for fire department, ambulance service, sheriff’s department. It will require more money for roads, sewer, water and other utilities. More people in town will inevitably bring more children to the schools. This will require more teachers, administrators and possible school expansions. More businesses will bring more of EVERYTHING. New revenues will have to be split many, many, many ways. We cannot merely choose the benefits of more businesses without also accepting the downside of those very same businesses. The closest comparison I can think of is Heber City. To me, that city seems like the next logical step for Morgan if we encourage multiple businesses to move up here. I grew up in Orem so I know Heber and there is a lot to like about the town. But it’s not Morgan. There are six or seven stop lights in town. There are multiple schools throughout the valley. The traffic can get pretty packed at times. And the small town feel has definitively diminished over time. Not to mention the fact that I doubt very highly that their school district is overflowing with extra cash. If our town wants to be like Heber, then so be it. I am sure Heber is a great place to live. But to think that we can keep the same small town Morgan appeal that so many people love while still opening up six or seven brand new, moderate to large businesses is not logical.   
~ Jim Ellis