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Letter to the Editor - From Carolyn Morrison

Article Date: 
17 August, 2012 (All day)

Jean and I were excited to have made plans to see, eat, watch the families and just have a wonderful time at this year’s Morgan County Fair.  We were greeted with a smile at the east gate, and were directed to the disabled parking.  It was still pretty far to walk, but luckily we had our canes.
We were particularly interested in the horseman show, chickens and birds, the cattle showing, the sheep, goats and the pigs.  
Jean is a pilot and has flown many times in his life time, so we planned to be at the RC show, not once, but twice as it turned out, because the RC people didn’t show up for their allotted times.  The RC was to perform later, so we planned to return.
When we returned, we tried to enter the same gate as we did earlier, but this time we were told we could not park in the disabled parking even though the disabled parking was still available.  We decided to take our chances, but drove around past the chickens to get closer to the stands like we have done in past years.
We still had to walk to the west side of the fair grounds to sit on the grass and wait for the RC event, which never happened.  So we walked back to our car where we found another car had parked behind us.  Jean had to maneuver his way out, good thing he is a WWII veteran and he knows his way around.
We find it interesting that on Flag Day, Veteran’s Day, 4th of July and many special remembrances of those who fought for our freedoms, that we could not park in the disabled parking because there is no room.
I am remembering when Mary the mother of Jesus Christ, there was no room for her at the Inn either, and she was turned away as well.
What kind of American are you?  If you don’t know by now, where, when, how and what it will take?  Some fair board members wanted the disabled to have the parking that was available.  It  is the disabled citizens right to have all the parking that is possible.  If we can have a splash pool, mounds of dirt brought in, stadium seating, housing for God’s creatures, then it should be so with special needs for Morgan County’s disabled.
Yours truly,
Carolyn Morrison, wife of an American WWII veteran who does know where, when, how and what it took to fight for America’s freedom.