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Letter to the Editor - from Dave Palmer

Article Date: 
7 June, 2013 (All day)

As a resident of the Highlands of Mountain Green, I oppose the projected development of a multiplex apartment and residential complex near Trappers Loop on the basis of citizens’ safety and security. 
Our valley is too rural with understaffed law enforcement to accommodate such a large influx of potentially lower median income residents that generally precedes an increase in crime with such developments in Layton, Clearfield and throughout northern Davis County since the 1990s, let alone that explosion in Weber County following multiplex zoning.  
Additionally, traffic flow along Old Highway Road from I-84 limited entry/exit 92 to/from Trappers Loop has already been a hazard to those of us west of that intersection regardless of what supposed routine traffic counts portray since the 2002 Winter Olympics, most notably during workday rush hours and weekends.
The potential increase of another 500 plus daily vehicles along this stretch may begin to bring forth calls from residents for expensive traffic signals at the Highlands, at least, and more extensive road repairs.
Should the council decide to continue with such Mountain Green residential and commercial development in this area, I strongly suggest the council float a county bond to immediately secure funds to declare “imminent domain” and purchase a reserve land corridor from Trappers Loop directly south to I-84 for a future road/interchange regardless of when UDOT will be able to accommodate such as the only logical choice for the future of Mountain Green development.
Intended commercial development in Mountain Green will not survive such with the existing one-half interstate connections to I-84 exit/entry 92 and the other distant in Peterson.
Dave Palmer