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Letter to the Editor - The Grandest Little Fair

Article Date: 
19 August, 2011 (All day)


We were all so excited - we couldn’t wait to see just how fun this one would be.

It was special you see, for it was the 100 year anniversary.

The biggest little fair in the land- we just knew it had to be grand!

We talked about fair days of old and how we could make this one -one to behold.

So many have come, so many have gone, who worked the long hours to keep the fair going so long.

They did it for you, they did it for me, now it was our turn to make it come alive.

From blue ribbons steers, and lambs, to the hogs oh my!

The roosters were crowing come look at me!

The hens all were clucking come and see!

Even the geese got in on the act, honkin’ and squawkin’- I’m the biggest, I’m the best they seemed to say.

The exhibits were pressed and hung with care,

from legos to leather and photos with flare- it all seemed to be there.

The quilts were amazing- what talent hung there.

We are all so glad you were willing to share.

Then off to the arena to see what event is next in the show- it seems these days speed is the thing,

ATV’s and mini moto’s too, man do those kids have fun flippin’ dirt all over you!

Now we’re down to the wire the fair is almost over, the rodeo is through.

Thank all those guys for all the extra work that they do- we say so long until we meet again- but wait there is one more thing to do,

The announcer calls turn off the lights we are all in for a treat tonight- As we stand in the dark wondering what they will do-

Then all of a sudden the flashes and sparks light up the sky- FIREWORKS! How Grand! It really is the Biggest Little Fair in the Land!

 I would like to say thank you to all who put in countless volunteer hours to put this fair together.  Fairboard and staff and all the volunteers are great, thank you again for a great time.  One question remains, county council where were you? Your support was needed.  I hope you find your community spirit and join us openly next year.  I was there with many others before it opened and long after it closed making sure everything went smooth.  Next year I expect to see all of you there supporting the kids and community you represent. 

Thanks again fairboard and staff for a great time.


Karri Larsen