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Letter to the Editor - from Helen Wallace

Article Date: 
20 September, 2013 (All day)

As a very concerned citizen, I would like to share some totally disturbing facts about the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) which is quickly looming before us.  It will affect EVERYONE especially seniors, the disabled, babies born with defects, etc.  Most Americans are against it; only 12percent in a recent poll felt it would be a positive for Americans yet, the powers in Washington are set on giving us this beginning of socialized medicine. 
Here are some facts for you to seriously consider, do your homework on and then take some sort of ACTION before it’s too late!!!
 1- All Federal employees will be exempt from Obamacare! That’s our Senators, Congressmen, aides, etc. It apparently is not good for them.
 2- Obamacare will devastate our economy which is already suffering. Insurance companies’ days are numbered!  Thousands of employees are being laid off or hours have been cut.
 3- 500 million dollars has already been taken from Medicare to help fund Obamacare resulting in cuts in care. The bill states something to the effect that when a diagnosis of cancer is given to anyone over 75 years old, no care will be given!
 4- Medical costs and premiums will continue to increase for everyone. By 2016, medical costs for an average family are estimated to be $20,000 a year!!  That’s affordable??
 5- The doctor shortage continues to rise: “Many doctors are retiring with no replacements; aging baby boomer population needs more services; 40 million patients who, newly covered by insurance, will seek medical care (most of them will have government pay their bills); private insurers and government reimbursement is diminishing.” Newsmax magazine, p. 80
Also college students are not attracted to medical careers where the “Panels” in DC will dictate the care of their patients.
 6- Eventually, because of the costs, everyone will be in universal, single-payer health care with TOTAL GOVERNMENT CONTROL!!  Our present FREEDOM TO CHOOSE  a  doctor,      hospital, and  type of care will be eliminated!!
 7- The Affordable Care Act is UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!!!  Our government has mandated that everyone purchase health care insurance or get a subsidy from the government!!
8- From the Competitive Enterprise Institute: “...Obamacare alone seized control of 17 percent of the economy, imposed 21 new or higher taxes, and 20,000pages of new regulations.”
Utah’s Senator Mike Lee has proposed an amendment to the Continual Resolution Bill that Congress needs to pass BY THE END OF SEPTEMBER. The amendment is to Defund Obamacare ONLY!!  Unless Congress DEFUNDS it, the GOVERNMENT TAKE-OVER of Health Care will begin implementation on Oct. 1st!!!  DEFUNDING OBAMACARE would (in Senator Lee’s own words):
1- Prohibit any taxpayer funds from being spent to implement or enforce Obamacare.
2 - Keep Americans from losing their current health care coverage and being FORCED into Obamacare’s healthcare exchanges.
3 - Allow Congress to consider Obamacare funding separately from regular functions.
4 - There will be NO GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN!!!
 This is our LAST CHANCE to  STOP this detrimental bill!!  Have you ever seen any removal of entitlement programs once they come into effect??
 I have called Senator Hatch’s office in Washington  a few times lately and was informed that “he is not supporting Senator Lee’s amendment because it is politically unrealistic and he does not agree with Senator Lee’s strategy.”    Senator Hatch’s aide told me that Senator Hatch doesn’t feel the numbers are there and it will damage Republicans as they will be blamed for a government shutdown!
I have heard Senator Lee say, “There will be NO SHUTDOWN; all government programs will continue, except no money will go to Obamacare.”  In his campaign literature, Sen. Hatch repeatedly said, “We need to STOP OBAMACARE!”  Now there is an opportunity and he has rejected it!!
Please do your homework!! This is a fight we must all join and win in order to keep the best health care available for every citizen!!
Call Senator Hatch (DC) 202-224-5251; (Ogden) 801-625-5672
Sign petitions - Senator Lee’s web site is Don’tfund; Freedom Works site is    Make your voice heard; it does make a difference!!!  Please DO IT!
Helen Wallace